Update on Hawthorne Berry Tincture

hawthorne berries

hawthorne berries (Photo credit: buttersweet)

Hello everyone! I recently posted about how Hawthorne Berry Tincture is supposed to help reduce blood pressure and so this June I decided to and made this Hawthorne Berry Tincture and set it aside for 6 weeks for later use. Well we have been taking a tablespoon full each day of this tincture in either a glass of water or juice for about four weeks now and I have also continued to drink my daily cups of hibiscus tea along with this.

A glass of Agua de Jamaica (Cold Hibiscus Tea)...

A glass of Agua de Jamaica (Cold Hibiscus Tea) in a restaurant in Cuernavaca, Mexico, December 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well it’s my greatest pleasure to announce that since taking it for just the four weeks on a daily basis my blood pressure has returned to normal. It is so amazing! I am so happy with these results and that it worked so quickly and in such a short period of time and one day I even went for a doctor’s visit and the nurse said my blood pressure was normal. It was 123/71. I can take that with great pleasure.

Now even though it still goes up and down a bit but it never goes as high as it once was. So I think it’s working for me. So now I am waiting for the same results for my husband too. His BP is getting lower by the day too and we are so pleased with his progress. I am sure that he will see better results soon too. We just have to keep taking the tincture and drinking the hibiscus tea for the next six months on a regular basis.

I am thinking to up the dose of the tincture to two tablespoons per day in water or juice. So I will check in again with the results at a later date. Wish us luck everyone.

So here goes the tincture recipe again for those who may be interested.

Hawthorne Berry Tincture


1 quart size glass jar (with a plastic top if possible-no metal top)

1 ½ cup of dried Hawthorne Berries

A fifth of 100 proof vodka


Make sure the glass jar is washed in hot sudsy water and dry clean and then pour in the Hawthorne Berries, then pour into the glass quart sized jar the vodka and up to the very top. Screw on the top, and put it away in a cool dry place to set for about 4-6 weeks, shaking up and down on occasion.

Once it’s ready take a dropper full/one tablespoon into a glass of water or what ever drink you choose each and every day. It’s advised that you can take the dropper full/one tablespoon even twice a day or three times a day.

English: taking blood pressure in PE

English: taking blood pressure in PE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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