Squash and Okra!

Okra and squash

Okra and squash (Photo credit: agrilifetoday)

Finally I went into our garden today and found squash and okra growing wonderfully, beautifully and strong. I thought we lost the garden because there was just too much rain this season. So I brought the few pieces indoors to wash and cut up and put in the freezer. I just cannot wait until the day I actually cook and get to taste it. I am so happy and excited about it because this is the first time I ever grew squash and okra. It’s extra nice because we grew it organically. My husband and I want to learn how to build a green house. I basically would like it to be attached to the side of the house. So we will look into it for next year.


Greenhouse Plants

Greenhouse Plants (Photo credit: azmichelle)

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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8 Responses to Squash and Okra!

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  2. Karyl says:

    What a bounty! Looks so great. I see your picture of the greenhouse! Great job.

    My garden hasn’t done well this year I thought it was me but I think it might be all the rain.
    Wow, a greenhouse sounds cool. Good luck friend!

  3. I totally love gardening. I am always working in my yard. Looks like you have quite the greenhouse. I love your blog! Thank you for visiting mine and now I am following you. I need to sign up for you email so I will know when you post. I keep up that way. 🙂 Have a super evening!

    • You too, love gardening. I am a beginner though. I bet I can learn a lot from you. My garden didn’t do so well this year because of too much rain so I was surprised to find the okra and squash doing well. Anyway we want to build a green house next year and attach it to the side of the house. So we will see how that goes. So take care and nice meeting you. Betty

      • I garden mostly flowers but most of my plants have died due to the extreme heat where I live summer have been so scorching last summer I lost all y evergreen type trees and bushes. One neighbor lost 5. I have also lost 5 tress myself but I’m thankful I did not spend a lot of money on them. I live in Oklahoma close to Tulsa and it is so hot nothing thrives in my yard but Crepe Myrtles, roses, tiger and butterfly bushes. I keep planting watering an hoping they make it through till the next year! I would love to have a green house, how fun would that be. Do let me know how it goes. I love gardening! Have a super day!

      • Yes that’s the reason why I want the green house attached to the house and a few mini green houses for my flowers in the yard because so many we planted did not make it. Crepe myrtles are so pretty. We have a huge and tall must be over 20 feet tall magnolia in the yard and a few evergreens that are huge that are scattered amongst the other trees across a few acres that seem to be doing ok even though its really very hot here too. I am surprised they did not die out last summer when we had no rain but scorching heat. I am learning a lot though. Take care. You have a great day too.

      • Oh I surely am and I love this flower growing business it is not for the faint at heart it’s hard work but well worth it when you see the fruits of your labor.

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