Love and Care Heals, How I Start My Day Sets the Pace: My Early Morning Rituals toward Healing My Body, Mind and Soul

Source of the happiness

Source of the happiness (Photo credit: Thai Jasmine (…Smile..))

I have been on a journey of healing my spirit, my body, mind, and my soul. I have every confidence that as I continue on this road of giving myself plenty of “Tender Loving Care” (TLC) I will reap the benefits and so will those around me.

Morning Bed Exercises, Oil Pulling and Daily Workout

I do practically the same thing every single morning unless I am really feeling sick or need to sleep a little later for some reason, but usually, once I open my eyes, I start sending myself love and approval.

Then I ease into starting my day doing some light exercises while still lying in bed. I like doing leg lifts and leg stretches to help strengthen my legs and also I do some 30 to 40 crunches. After that, I take a moment to make my bed and then layout something cool, pretty and comfortable from my leisurewear to put on while being indoors all day and also I set out my body lotion, oils, and deodorant.

In addition to my daily bed exercises, I’ll choose to do one other additional exercise activity every other day a little later.

Since our dental insurance coverage is not that great I am so glad to have found out about oil pulling. I understand that it is an ayurvedic treatment and so I have been doing the oil pulling for a short amount of time and I am finding some relief from the aches and soreness I always used to feel with my gums and teeth no matter how much care I used to give to my mouth care there was always the soreness. So this is really so amazing and it’s giving me some relief which is so nice. I just cannot believe how good this is working.

So the next thing I do is to go into the kitchen and take a tablespoon full of organic sesame oil to do oil pulling and as I gargle and swish the oil for about ten minutes or more. I end my oil pulling and continue with my brushing my teeth with my homemade toothpaste which consists of Himalayan salt, baking soda, and coconut oil then I rinse and to gargle with warm water then brush again with Tom’s toothpaste as I use a soft toothbrush.

Next, I rinse my face, then comb my hair into a bun and put on my sports bra, tee-shirt, and leggings. So I head for either the treadmill or I’ll take a walk outdoors for ten or fifteen minutes with our dog or use a chair exercise video for twenty minutes, or use the Pilates reformer for a minimum of twenty minutes. The whole time as I exercise I send my body love and I tell my knees how much I love them and I tell arthritis that I love you too.

Now I know twenty minutes is not a long enough time for full and proper exercise but with the daily arthritis pain and other health issues, I have to live with I think I am doing good to even push myself this far and so really any amount of exercise is so much better than choosing to do nothing at all. Plus I believe and have faith that the little I do as I send love to myself is greater than a full hour’s workout.

It’s my desire to keep losing more and more weight over time and even if I can lose just a few pounds each week why I believe I’ll take that, LOL.

Shower, Moisturize and Getting Pretty

Next, I head for the bathroom and turn on a positive and motivational CD to listen to as I jump into the shower. I like to use a good soft washcloth or buff puff along with an eye-opening aromatherapy delicious soaps and shower gels (lately I switched totally to Dr. Bronners essential soap bars and liquid soap) and when I am done I dry off then wrap my body in a lush, soft thick full-body wrap-around towels.

I head to my dressing room/spare bedroom and apply almond oil mixed with lavender essential oils on my entire body, castor oil on my feet and put on some super soft booties/socks, but lately, I switched over totally to a combination of almond oil, orange oil and vanilla oil which smells so amazing.

Next, I use a gentle cleansing bar (lately I switched to Dr. Bronners unscented liquid soap) for my face, dry and apply organic Shea butter mixed with a bit of olive oil, and vitamin “e” and a drop of marula oil on my face.

My use of cosmetics is much less than before, because I used to use mineral makeup indoors and save my expensive regular makeup for whenever I go out. But now I only apply a natural lip balm (lately Burt’s bee lip balm) and then save the mood lipstick, other color lipstick, eyebrow pencil, under the eye concealer, eye shadow and mascara for when I go outdoors and that’s it! So only lately I stopped wearing so much makeup while in the house. I found that sweet butter has vitamin K so I use a bit of it as a moisturizer for under my eyes sometimes.

On any day if I am feeling like being a little more glamorous while indoors I’ll do the same.

Now when it comes to my hair I have three choices, I will either style my hair into a ponytail with a pretty hair scrunchie or a pretty curly style with a cute headband or I will just choose to cover my hair all day with one of my day hats I designed for myself. I made these cute little comfortable fabric pastel-colored day hats with some soft fabric and tacked on these cute decorative embellishments onto the hats, so I can wear them in the house or out in the yard and I love that they match my leisurewear and make me look really cute. LOL!

So next I then finally slip on my cool, pretty and comfortable leisurewear, Yay!

Lots of Water and Breakfast

So next I sit and drink warm water with the juice of a whole lemon, and a tablespoon of Agave added, then after 1/2 hour I drink at least two (2) glasses of water. It’s kind of hard for me to drink water because I always have not liked water but if I drink most of it early in the day and before I fill my stomach with any food it works well for me this way. I know water is very important in keeping my body hydrated and works toward helping with weight loss and so I am getting better.

Then next I prepare breakfast in a peaceful and quiet kitchen, then eat.

So my breakfast is usually very light unless for some reason I am extremely hungry that day I might make myself some toast, turkey bacon and eggs or pancakes or even cereal with milk or oatmeal, Spelt cereal or Kamut cereal (both the Spelt and Kamut that’s been ground to look like oatmeal flakes are amazing) with maple flavor added, brown sugar, milk, butter, and cinnamon but most mornings I go with what’s easier and so I will have at least one cup of homemade plain whole milk yogurt every morning, a couple pieces of fresh fruit or a fruit cup and a cup of a herbal infusions like stinging nettle or a cup of lemon green tea. And unless it’s a holiday or company is over I save coffee drinking most times for later in the day if I really crave a cup.

Time for God and My Spirit

So after having a good breakfast the next thing I do is move towards lighting a few candles and aromatherapy by burning a soothing scent of essential oil in an oil burner and to play a CD of some relaxing Zen-like meditation music located at my prayer altar. Then after the meditation music is over I’ll select and play one of my guided meditations CDs to help to quiet my mind and bring me to a state of inner peace. The next thing is to start reading and to meditate on God’s words and as I usually choose to read from the bible a chapter from the book of Proverbs, one chapter in psalms, one chapter from the New Testament and read from my daily inspiration book and the prescribed scripture.

The next thing I do as I bring meditation to an end is to pray. During prayer, I pray for myself first and I anoint myself with prayer oil and pray for the healing of my body. Then I pray for family members, friends and whatever is going on in the world currently. This doesn’t take that long, I try to be done in less than a half-hour.

Then I turn to do some light releasing which helps me to let go of any unwanted bad feelings or negative energy in my body and so by the end of all of this I can feel my spirit and mind coming to a much freer and relaxed state. At this point, I spend time sending and giving myself approval and love.

So doing these types of things helps me to be and feel a whole lot stronger and so I am better equipped and prepared to deal with whatever craziness or stress the day may bring had I not done any of this at all.

The morning is a sacred time and it is the best time to spend it in rituals and routines by spending most of the morning in quiet meditation and prayer. Early mornings are naturally the quietest time of the day anyway (when I was living in the city) and like most people, I love quiet slow-moving mornings. Not only that, but morning is the most important time of the day because how you spend your morning will just about tell you how the rest of your day will be. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. Our minds and spirits are huge sponges in the morning and so it’s best to fill up with good things like physical exercise, breathe in some fresh air by going out doors for a bit, pampering the body, cleansing the body, eating a good healthy breakfast and spending time in spiritual care and prayer.

It’s so important how we start our day and that we should save the newspaper, cable TV, news or any super action-packed TV shows for later in the day. So I try to set my morning rituals in stone. I try to avoid being on the phone or watching or listening to anything of a negative influence. As I move into the latter part of the morning I then do whatever I have planned for the day. Over time this routine has helped me to develop discipline and imparts spiritual growth and better health for me all around. 

Motivational Speakers

I enjoy listening to, watching and reading anything by Deepak Chopra, Iyania Vanzant, Dalai Lama, The Secret, and so many other inspiring, peaceful and love promoting programs or folks. I have to confess that I have watched the Secret so many times that it is so funny, LOL!  So there are so many spiritual guides and motivational speakers out there to choose from with a load of information that we can all learn from and grow by.

I am sure that over time as I continue keeping these rituals and routines in my life, tweaking it here and there too, (and sometimes I may miss a morning of doing things this way so I will try to do something in the evening) that I know I am on the way to reversing some of the damage I have done to my body.  As I aim for deeper depths and greater heights I am sure that I will get so much closer to my healing from painful arthritis and I have every confidence as each day goes by I will come closer and closer to better health in all areas and facets in my life.

Love can do that. Love heals. So after years of allowing negative emotions and thoughts to rule, corrode and eat away at my mind, body and soul, I have chosen to head in a much better and greater direction.

So that’s how I spend my early mornings and start my day Loves.

I send out “Peace, Blessings, and Love to those who stop by my blog each day.




English: Deepak Chopra in November 2006, speak...

English: Deepak Chopra in November 2006, speaking at Yahoo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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  1. What an amazing soul you are! Thank you so much for sharing. With love and light, Claudia

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