Princess Jodha and Prince Suryabhan Singh’s Courtship was So Amazing! *Jodha Akbar*


As much as Princess Jodha’s mother Rani Mainavati (Natasha Sinha) tried to get her married to Prince Suryabhan Singh (Prince Singh) it was just not meant to be. The fortune-teller Shagunibai (Kalyani Trivedi) warned her not to resist but to accept Princess Jodha’s (Paridhi Sharma) fate and that was to marry the Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad (Rajat Tokas.)


I tell you, I could not help but get so into Princess Jodha’s relationship with Prince Suryabhan Singh (Prince Singh) though, before she was united with Emperor Jalal and I’m sure there were a lot of viewers right along with me out there who was kinda hoping those two would have gotten their wish to be together.

“Prince Singh as Suryabhan Singh”

It was such a pleasure watching their short lived blossoming courtship of a romance. Their special love song was memorable and amazing. And so I am going to miss that part of the story, but as for now, things shift as we move on to witness the upcoming prophecy in which Princess Jodha is to marry Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad (Rajat Tokas) instead.

By the way it’s always so wonderful watching Princess Jodha as she’s passing by on the streets near her palace in her lovely palanquin. I am amazed at how pampered and lovely the aristocratic women were allowed to be and so I just cannot wait to watch next weeks episodes of Jodha-Akbar.

~Princess Jodha and Prince Suryabhan~ See their Courtship at: well it was here LOL! I cannot keep a link that works too long so check this cute one out LOL!

~Princess Jodha and her fiancé Prince Suryabhan’s song~

THIS SONG IS AMAZING! (Zee tv Dheere dheere tum paas aaye full song) Listen to their love song so beautifully done by this woman here:


~Rajat Tokas as Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar~

~Paridhi Sharma as Jodha Bai (Mariam-uz-Zamani)~

~Prince Singh as Suryabhan Singh~


Princess Jodha’s Beautiful Palanquin is amazing!!!

(Check out some pretty amazing pictures of Palaquin’s below they give off quite the fairytale lifestyle a lot of females long for. LOL! )













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