My First Love, True Love

Purple flower

Purple flower (Photo credit: YLev)

The day finally came when my dearest mother let me travel by train with one of my girlfriends. Prior to that my mom would not allow me travel anyplace too far from home nor allow me to go in certain areas without one of my older sisters to go along with me. And I wasn’t old enough to date boys without a chaperone because the rule was in our house  No chaperone no date was mama’s policy for me.

So mom had always appointed one of my older sisters to tag along and I always would thank God for she always appointed the same cool sister to be the one to go. I would have hated it if she had appointed any of my other older sisters or even worse God forbid one of my older brothers. Oh please no, not one of my older brothers. LOL!  So when I was finally old enough to take the subway to Jamaica Queens with one of my girlfriends it was big!    I remember the day we went there to visit another one of my old girl friends who grew up with me in Coney Island.

So all summer that year we’d go out to Jamaica Queens on the weekends and so we would all hang out and have big fun. One day while hanging out with my girlfriends I met this handsome Hispanic guy and so I started liking him a whole lot. So he became my secret boyfriend for a while and what I liked about him was that he was such the affectionate type and loved hugging me all the time and he was so much fun to be around. For a minute there I thought I was falling in love with him, I thought he was the one but before the summer came to an end, my Jamaica Queens girlfriend introduced me to this new guy and I have to admit it was love at first sight. So he became my first true love.

Cover of "First Love (Arabesque)"

Cover of First Love (Arabesque)

So I stopped seeing my Hispanic friend and started dating this new guy. We started meeting each weekend for the rest of that summer. Finally one day he let me meet his mother and then I brought him home to meet my mother and my family and we became an item for a very long time after that. My mother felt that she could trust him and so she felt I was ready to go on dates alone with him. Whooo hoooo! No more chaperones well at least while on a date with him anyway. I was a big girl now! Although there were still certain places my mom still would not allow me to travel to nor could I go to any parties without my older sister, especially when I started liking to go to college campus parties. My sister would always have to go with me and my other girlfriends to keep an eye on me plus she would bring along one of her girl friends too. But for some reason mom would always allow me to go on dates with him my first love alone. So he was the one boyfriend I was allowed to date for what seemed like forever.

So every time I hear these two songs, reminds me of the house warming party we had at my older sister’s first apartment in Brooklyn, she was the coolest sister. My first love and I were dressed up, looking good and so we danced to the spinners songs. We’d danced so much at this party and never felt tired. And so every time I hear these songs by the Spinners it reminds me and brings me back in my mind to thinking about how enjoyable and loving life was back then.

Happiness Is Being With the Spinners

Happiness Is Being With the Spinners (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“I’ll Be Around”

“Could it be I’m Falling in Love”

and here:

I can remember us dancing to these songs, while he could not dance at all. His poor feet seemed  to get all tangled up together as if he was ready to fall to the ground. LOL! He was always off beat, missing a step, an awkward young man. But I gave him credit because he somehow didn’t care because he never gave up trying to learn how to dance better. I remember how one day when he didn’t want to suffer the public humiliation of being a poor dancer anymore and so it was those times when I used to let him hold me closer and I’d sort of guide his movements to show him how to move his feet and dance to the music beat. So he’d learned to dance a whole lot better over time.

I love to reminisce about those carefree days. How while on dates with my first love, how innocent and un-corrupted was our love. We used to hold each others hands without saying a word, walking for hours sometimes just enjoying being in each others presence. How close we’d felt, our gentle touching and innocent kisses and all of the goodbyes at my mothers door step when we had to go back to our respective homes. Those were the days when boys brought you home, held doors for you, crossed the street guarding you, always offering their protection and chivalry was very much alive. It’s so nice to remember how we shared our utmost secrets, moments spent walking on the boardwalks or the beaches. It was a nice moment in time of being such good friends in love.

When I think about back then about being so young and all, I really didn’t have a care in the world. Growing up in NYC was so so cool there was never a dull or boring moment that I could think of. There were always the love of good friends and family around and always something to do, something to occupy your mind and time with.  Times I will always cherish and keep in my heart.

The Original Spinners

The Original Spinners (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“It’s a Shame”


MTA Bus #5949 (formerly Green Lines #5512) in ...

MTA Bus #5949 (formerly Green Lines #5512) in Jamaica, New York serving the Q60 line. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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