More Favorite Things: It’s More Then a Security Blanket

gina and her snoogle

gina and her snoogle (Photo credit: Kalpita)

I discovered this remarkable pillow while at a massage salon a few years back. Since becoming a huge arthritis sufferer I used to try to get professional full body massages when I could. So I snuggled up with this pillow and fell off to sleep during a massage session. Later I asked where I can get this pillow. Normally I never could get into a comfortable position no matter how hard I tried before they let me try this pillow out. They used to give me tons of pillows to support my back, knees and neck but I would still be a little uncomfortable. Well I purchased one and it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I still have this same pillow for over two years now and it is just as cuddly as the day I opened up the package.

It’s called a Leach co Snoogle pillow and I love it! I cannot live without it. It’s a full body pillow that is made of polyester and comes with a removable washable custom cover case.  It supports the back, neck and tucks between the legs.

My chiropractor has always recommended that I should sleep in a fetal position to help reduce my back pain somewhat and that to use a standard pillow between my knees to keep things aligned, but I found that I would always fall out of the fetal position while sleeping even while using so many pillows.

With arthritis there is the pain and stiffness that is just horrible and so anything that can help you sleep at least a little bit better is really worth its weight in gold. My sleep was always miserable, so it makes you ask yourself what price you possibly can put on comfort. I am so grateful for this pillow, believe you me.

This pillow is going to be mine forever because it’s perfect in helping my body stay in a fetal position while sleeping thereby helping to reduce pain. It supports your neck, back and knees in a way that a thousand standard pillows never could.  I can remember the very first night that I used it and it was the first and best night’s sleep I had in eons. Each night it felt better and better. Sleep finally is more pleasurable. I could even sleep on my back whereas before I never could sleep on my back.

I can promise you that I won’t go anywhere on this earth without my Leach co Snoogle pillow. So I know everyone might be thinking it’s just a security blanket, but it’s so much more.

I just know the makers of this pillow had only expecting moms in mind, but I have to confess that this pillow is amazing and a God send for anyone who suffers from arthritis all over and back pain, it’s just perfect for anyone. I can recall how I used to have to sleep with four and five pillows to get to a degree of comfort and I still wasn’t comfortable. I would toss and turn and just be miserable all night long. But now I may have to use just one extra pillow but that’s it.

One flaw about this pillow is that it’s kind of hard to put the pillow case back on it because of its curvy design, but I figured out a way of putting it back on after washing it. We just put it back on the pillow like putting on a pair of pantyhose.

It’s about once every two weeks that we have to deal with putting the pillow case back on this pillow because we wash sheets every two weeks versus washing sheets every week. We used to wash sheets every week but it’s just too frequent work for us to have to do all of the time and when I say “we” I am talking about my husband and I, for “we” are a team.

So my husband and I are used to taking showers before bedtime which helps keep sheets fresher and cleaner a little longer. We use very thick quality mattress covers and those mite protection pillow covers, plus sprinkling diatomaceous earth powder between the top and bottom mattresses a couple of times a year also helps with keeping mites at bay.

So I just love my Leach co Snoogle pillow so much.

By the way aren’t these shoes adorable. Ooooh Awwww!

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5 Responses to More Favorite Things: It’s More Then a Security Blanket

  1. viveka says:

    Wow, how amazing comfortable this look …. never heard of and I don’t think they are available over here in Sweden, but I will look into it. Thanks for sharing.

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