Will Trayvon Martin be convicted?

politics from the eyes of an ebony mom

The headline sounds ridiculous. Trayvon Martin is dead, but the George Zimmerman defense teams seems committed to putting Martin on trial. Martin might not have been a saint, but he had a right to life. Over the past few days I have heard several pundits say that the Zimmerman defense team is skillfully establishing reasonable doubt and Zimmerman might be acquitted. The media seem to be comfortable with Zimmerman and reasonable doubt but I find it ironic that Zimmerman has admitted to killing Martin, but he might walk and go back to his life, but when OJ simpson was aquitted in 1995 the world went wild. Did Simpson kill his ex wife and Ronald Goldman? I don’t know, but I do know he was not caught with a knife in his hand but people believed he was a killer. Simpson was not allowed to simply resume his old life, but…

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