What we Learned From The Trayvon Martin Incident

Our children are most precious. In this case of being unarmed and walking home, since when is this a crime? This is a sad society filled with injustice. I just read a post saying that this young man may not have been a saint but he still had a right to life. The gun violence has got to stop in this country! Today’s verdict just legalized vigilantism. It’s really not right. There will always be those who feel they can get away with evil but they fail to realize that God sees it all and He is still sitting on His throne. Some think they can get away with doing what they know is wrong, taking the wrong stand and even thinking they can get away with committing murder, but I believe that Karma is still real!

Convergence of Relevant Stuff

Now, the issue is belief. Belief in the system, our criminal justice system. You all know what happened in Florida. Some are glad, some are sad. Some believe that justice was served. Others believe that justice certainly was not served.

Congratulations should not go out tonight. But more sadness that the system seemed to fail us. It failed us all as Americans. But that's not the end. The civil rights system created many great men. They say in Florida it is not about race. Yes, it all about how we view everything and the lens that we view it.

It's our world that the Lord gives us, so it up to us to make it better. A seventeen year old unarmed boy was killed, yet no one has sympathy for him. A black 17 year old child should be able to walk home from the store and not be shot…

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