Hawthorne Berry Tincture

hawthorne berries

hawthorne berries (Photo credit: buttersweet)

I recently have learned that this tincture reduces blood pressure. Earlier this month I made a Hawthorne Berry Tincture and set it aside for later use. It was so simple and easy to make. The reason why I am making this tincture is because I want to continue to work on bringing both mine and my husband’s blood presser down even lower and back to normal again. We both experienced a bout of having our blood pressure’s rising then going back to normal several times in our lives. It’s been our experience that doctors want to put you on blood pressure medications too quickly without considering that it could be temporary. Sometimes brought on by stress or not eating right or various reasons. But it is always too soon. I have always been successful in bringing my blood back down with diet and herbs. But since we both have done lots of physical exercise to bring it down we also were drinking many other blood pressure lowering herbs. My husband’s pressure came down by 30 points by just drinking herbs and exercise alone. I think that is amazing. So we always refuse to take any form of blood pressure medicines because of the huge side effects and especially when I can find them in nature and use one that is without any side effects. I could have just purchased a ready made tincture, but I figured why not make it as fresh as possible and be sure of what is in it. I heard a lot of stories about Hawthorne Berries especially from Susan Weed (of the wise woman ways) so I figured why not give it a whirl so here’s what I did to make the tincture.

Hawthorne Berry Tincture


1 quart size glass jar

1 ½ cup of dried Hawthorne Berries

A fifth of 100 proof vodka


All I did is make sure the glass bottle is washed in hot sudsy water and dry clean and then pour in the Hawthorne Berries, then to pour into the glass quart sized bottle the vodka. Screw on the top, and so now put it in a cool dry place to set for about 4-6 weeks, shaking up and down on occasion.  So we have a few more weeks to wait and I just cannot wait to give it a try.

I know once it’s ready to take a dropper full into a glass of water or what ever drink you choose each and every day. It’s advised to take the dropper full even twice a day or three times a day. I will gladly post again with an update once success is achieved.


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  1. gita4elamats says:

    Looking forward to your update, 🙂

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