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Yoghurt and raspberries

Yoghurt and raspberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Susan Weed (of the wise women way) advises that women should have a least one cup of whole milk plain yogurt every day as a part of meeting our calcium needs.  So I decided that since whole milk yogurt is very hard to find in the grocery stores that I would make my own. So here’s a delicious recipe that I have put together for a healthier me.

Whole Milk Yogurt Recipe


1 1/2 quart of whole milk (organic is even better)

1 cup of plain yogurt (I use a cup from my last batch)

2 capsules of acidophilus probiotic capsules (this is optional; but I open the 2 capsules and pour the powder into and mix with the cup of yogurt)


Bring to a boil in a sauce pan the whole milk, then pour it into a bowl, cover with a towel or plastic top and let milk it cool down till it’s at room temperature. (Very Important step)

Then mix together the plain yogurt with the acidophilus probiotic capsules powder.(throw away the empty capsules)

Then mix the yogurt with the room temperature whole milk. (mix well no lumps, you can use a hand whipper)

Using Yogurt Maker Machine:

Then pour mixture into the individual jars from the yogurt machine. Place jars in the yogurt maker and follow directions of the yogurt maker machine. I set my yogurt maker for 7-10 hours. Then when ready put each glass of yogurt in the refrigerator to get real cold and to set.


Using Warmed Crock Pot:

Line the crock pot with a thick kitchen towel, then turn the crock on warm, (not high or low) for about 10 minutes, then cover the bowl with any left over mixture with plastic wrap and another thin kitchen towel, then place the bowl inside on top of the thick towel, put the lid on the crock pot, turn the heat completely off, then let yogurt bowl sit for 7-10 hours and so I find that the yogurt comes out just as good as using a yogurt machine. Then when ready put the bowl of yogurt in the refrigerator to get real cold and to set.

Once the yogurt is nice and cold you can take a one cup jar and pour into a bowl and add vanilla flavor and the powdered sugar stir and enjoy.  But usually we will eat the extra yogurt from the bowl first then work towards the jars.

Ingredients to add to yogurt for flavor

1 tablespoon of white powered sugar (better than granulated sugar for smoothness)

1 teaspoon of vanilla flavor

Now I save one small jar of yogurt for the next batch, which I use within a weeks time, because we are now making yogurt on a weekly basis. But if you wait longer before making the next batch you may have to buy a small yogurt or use yogurt starter. I find that it is so much less expensive to make with a $4 dollar gallon of milk then getting store brought yogurt. The reason I add the acidophilus probiotic is so that I know I am getting 3 billion live cultures added because yogurt is so processed and we do not get enough of the beneficial organisms we actually need and so I am sure that I won’t have to take a probiotic.

You can add fruit to your yogurt later if you like.

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Yogurt in progress

Yogurt in progress (Photo credit: litlnemo)

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  1. LucyLiving says:

    Thanks for sharing, will Have to try it!!

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