Ek Veer Ki Ardaas: Nihal Singh (Kapil Nirmal) Is “So Fine” Update on My Favorite Hindi Soap

He’s So Fine!

(Howard Johnson)

So Fine - Howard Johnson | WhoSampled:

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I am in “LOVE” with Nihal Singh (Kapil Nirmal) of the show Ek Veer KI Ardass, he is just amazing!

Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers (Photo credit: La Grande Farmers’ Market)

This man has to be the sweetest, kindest and most loving man I have seen on TV in a very long time. Not only is he kind but a heartthrob, he is definitely a handsome hunk of a man! You got me right he is “FINE” and HOTTER than a spicy jalapeño pepper! Baby!

He makes me want to break out and sing Howard Johnsons song, snapping my fingers, dancing and singing, “oh, so fine, so fine blows my mind. Baby, baby, baby, so fine, so fine blows my mind, baby, baby, baby, so fine, so fine blows my mind!

If you don’t believe me just ask Bansari Kaur Balwant (Vishavpreet Kaur) because girlfriend is in a dead heat and on this fine man’s trail and has a big crush on him no doubt! She’s trying her best to win him as her own personal lover man, but who can blame her! Because this handsome hunk has managed to become one of the most popular men of the village especially after winning the horse race championship for the village.

The entire village can’t help but to be in love with him because he is not only good looking, but he’s smart and extremely helpful, strong, gentle, brave, full of wisdom and he just has such a way about him, what can I say other then he appears to be devoted to his religious beliefs and is really so good with Ratan’s (Sneha Wagh) children, Ranvijay Sampooran Singh (Bhavesh Balchandani) and Veera Kaur Sampooran Singh (Harshita Ojha). He needs to just go ahead on and take Samporans’ place. Veera (Harshita Ojha) loves him and just thinks the world of him and he loves amusing her curiosity by portraying her imaginary personal angel who she likes to ring up on her cell phone and call on a regular basis with various questions about God, family, and life.

Nihal (Kapil Nirmal) amuses her with just the right answers for her innocent and curious smart little mind. Veera has to be the most adorable little five-year-old on TV, I love you Star Plus for bringing us this show. Veera is just the cutest with her beautiful innocent baby smile. I am so in love with this show and it really just makes my day, always leaving me warm and with a smile. I cannot wait to watch this show each day.

I just love and adore the warm and fuzzy relationship Veera has with her Aunt Moti Chaiji (Shagufta Ali), with all the thousands of questions she has for Aunt, always asking Auntie Chaiji (Shagufta Ali) what this means and what that means, Veera gives auntie a run for her money, this relationship is absolutely adorable.

I also enjoy seeing how Veera’s relationship with Ratan (Sneha Wagh) is growing daily so strong and loving, but who couldn’t love such a beautiful sweetie as Veera. It is truly amazing how Ranvijay takes good care of her and no doubt she takes good care of him too with her tiny little cute self, she does this from time to time by tripping up a couple of his enemies just like the times she always puts her foot out causing Baldev to fall onto  the ground and any other boy who dares to defy her big adorable brother. In Veera’s eyes Ranvijay is her world and nobody and I mean nobody bet not mess with this brother and sister team. You just bet not ever say or do anything to her brother or you will have to answer to mischievous little Veera!

The day I feared came when crazy Bansari (Vishavpreet Kaur) told Veera she was an orphan, but Veera is so cute and innocent she didn’t have a clue of what in the world Bansari (Vishavpreet Kaur) was talking about, thank goodness she didn’t know what the word “orphan” means and I was so glad she didn’t, but when she asked her auntie Chaiji during dinner with the family what it meant, everyone froze and so I started counting down one, two, three…. And not before I reached four, didn’t my man Nihal get up from the meal and storm off in search for Bansari. He was pissed!!! You really couldn’t blame him though because that was a low blow from Bansari and it was not right for her to do this to everyone’s Veera. Nihal caught up with that crazy woman and lit right into her letting her know how he didn’t appreciate her bad behavior towards Veera and if she ever pulled a stunt like this ever again she would have to deal with him, baby! Whew!!!

Then once again Nihal’s temper rose again when he spotted Veera in the road on the night all the men were out in search of and protecting the village from a dangerous tiger that had wandered into the village setting everyone on alert. Innocent Veera was out there thinking she was a tigress (of course it was Nihal who told her she was the town’s tigress so she wouldn’t be afraid) and had the power to control the dangerous tiger. Nihal went off on Veera and Ratan too for not keeping a closer eye on Veera, telling her she should be more careful and to secure the house by locking the door before she goes to bed at night so that Veera is safe.

Anyway, it’s so obvious that Nihal (Kapil Nirmal) has fallen head over heels in love with Ratan (Sneha Wagh) and her children. But my concern is what he has wrapped up in that red fabric he always carries around and keeps as a secret. I believe it has something to do with Samporan and Ratan, but I really am curious as to what’s the big secret about it.

Anyway, I think Ratan (Sneha Wagh) and Nihal (Kapil Nirmal) would make a beautiful and romantic couple and so I have high hopes that the two will get together really soon in the show. I think they would make a wonderful beautiful family and so I’d love to see Nihal (Kapil Nirmal) and Ratan (Sneha Wagh) have a love affair before it’s all over with. I’d love to see them get together and become a married couple one day in the future of the show. It would be nice and it’s such a nice thought, Ratan and Nihal becoming one. Yeah!!

Howard Johnson

“So Fine”

Ohh… So Fine

So fine, blow my mind

Ohh… So Fine

So fine blows my mind


When I saw you Come inside

I couldn’t help notice you were alone tonight

Oh! You’re so fine

Can we dance, can we talk, can we spend some time

The way you strut (strut)

Your (your) stuff across the floor

Maybe I,

Can’t (can’t)

Have you to myself

Baby, Baby, Baby

So Fine

So fine, blow my mind

Baby, Baby, Baby

I wanna make you mine

(Ohh..) So Fine

So fine, blow my mind

Baby, Baby, Baby

(Ohh…) So Fine

So fine, blow my mind

Baby, Baby, Baby


I wanna make you mine

So Fine

So fine, blow my mind

Can we sit down and discuss

Possibilities for love tonight

Concentrate on the source

And releasing what we feel inside

And when the night (night)

Ends (Ends)

Find a quiet place to be together

We’ll take our (our) time (time)

Maybe it will last forever

Baby, Baby, Baby

So Fine

So fine, blow my mind


So Fine - Howard Johnson | WhoSampled:

(this image is at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/492651646720512319/ )


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