God Takes Care of Babies and Fools!! Adorable Cute Toddler Meera Has Been Kidnapped On My Favorite Hindi Soap Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Oh no!, Innocent little baby, Meera has wandered away from home during her first birthday party and is now missing on Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.

I just cannot believe how those little legs were able to travel so very far away from home without getting tired or irritable and poor Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) is definitely in a whole lot of distress, crying throughout the entire search, but to tell you the truth what mother wouldn’t be in the same state who’s baby just disappeared out of the thin blue sky.


Meera (Photo credit: bro0ke)

Have you ever heard the old saying that “God Takes Care Of Babies and Fools” well this show confirms that to be so because it has to be only He who is taking care of cute little innocent baby Meera who somehow managed to wander away from home in pursuit and following after the cutest most adorable little baby puppy. She manages to bypass the dangerous streets and came just “that” close to almost getting hit by a swerving car. It was at that moment that I could not help but hold my heart in my hand for fear of the safety of baby Meera. Then she was missed again by a motorcycle driven by two crooks as they snatched a gold chain off this woman’s neck. The motorcycle hit a bump in the road causing the crooks to drop the stolen gold chain in the street and Meera spotted the gold penchant of “Kanha”.

Everyone knows how Meera is in love and is fascinated by anything that has to do with “Kanha” lately, so her tiny feet toddled into the middle of the dangerous street to get a hold of this chain my heart once again skipped a beat in fear for her safety.

Indian Summer Beaded Bangle Set

Indian Summer Beaded Bangle Set (Photo credit: Etsy Ketsy)

The crooks return to the scene of the crime to get the chain they dropped and they spot it in Meera’s hand. Meera then seeing a children’s book with a photo of Kanha belonging to some school children as they were boarding a school van had to have that too and so she toddled the rest of the way across the street to get a hold of it.

Once at the school van a parent assumed Meera belonged with the rest of the children boarding the van and so she picked her up sitting her in a seat beside the other children on the van. It was amazing to watch as baby Meera was without a clue having such a lovely enjoyable bus ride with the other children, it’s amazing how babies are so happy and innocent cause she was just smiling and having herself a ball as the Modi adults were going crazy looking for her. Cute little Meera waved goodbye to the parents as the school bus took off to the school, but unfortunately the two crooks watching this decided to follow the school bus to get their stolen chain back.

So Meera manages to take a ride on the school van and not only arrives at the school but blends right in as she participates in the classroom activities. I find it unbelievable how from the point of her passing by all the civilians on the street and the teacher and students in this classroom, no one realizes that this little baby does not belong there.

I am just so in love with Gopi, just watching her in action is truly amazing, seeing how her mother wit is definitely getting sharper with time because she was so right on when it comes to her baby. Her instincts are amazing because it so happened that this same school van passes them by while they were on the street searching and calling out for Meera, Gopi’s instincts rise up quickly at that moment and so strongly, she actually felt Meera’s presence on this school van and not only that but went as far as to mention this to her mother in law Kokila (Rupal Patel) who was there by her side.

So after they searched and searched and they met up with the woman who informed them that she saw Meera and assumed she was a play student and so helped board her on the van. She further told them that Meera is on the Toddler Star Play School’s Van. So they get her to call the school but the phone is off the hook, so they all get in the car with a police escort to go get their baby.

Meanwhile back at the school, the crooks beat up two men employed by the school to dress as cartoon characters taking their tiger and monkey costumes and dressing themselves up to gain access to the school. They entertain the children while trying their best to get the chain from Meera.  But at some point the school principal realizes that Meera is not a student of the school and so brings her to her office to notify the police, but as she is about to make the call the school security guard informs her that a man claiming to be Meera’s dad is outside, so they hide Meera as the crook makes an identification of Meera while pretending to be Meera’s dad, so they give Meera over to him and not a moment later does the Modi family show up. Just as the Modi’s reached the school the two crooks slipped off with Meera on their motorbike.

As the Modi’s question the school officials, the two employees show up explaining how they were beaten by these same crooks and it becomes apparent to all that Meera has been kidnapped.

At the moment everyone became fearful and even more upset as fear gripped their very hearts. This is such an amazing show not only could you see the fear on their faces but the amazing music that is being played in the background as it becomes louder and helps to set the stage and so you cannot help but be on the edge of your seat at that moment along with them.

I felt so bad for poor Gopi as she cried out in distress asking questions, how could this happen? Why would anyone want to harm her baby?  It was also at that very moment that the family lit into the school officials asking if they have the names of the men and how could they let them just take Meera away and wondering how they could be so irresponsible with a child in their possession. The principal explained how the crooks identified Meera by saying she had a gold chain and wore a pink frock and so they believed them.

So the Modi’s hopped back into their cars in pursuit of the crooks and their most precious baby Meera while informing Rashi (Rucha Hasabnis) and everyone else at home that Meera had been kidnapped.

I just cannot believe how these two crooked men who took Meera would stoop so low just for a gold chain that Meera retrieved as they were attempting to steal from a woman. I am so shocked at how far away from home little Meera has managed to travel and she has done it safely so far.  It’s evident that the prayers of a loving family are keeping Meera safe so far.

Ram Laddoo

Ram Laddoo (Photo credit: Shilpi Boylla)

In the meantime, the crooks motorcycle broke down near this Laddo shop and why did they have to break down there because they had no clue that just like Kanha draws Meera’s wide-eyed attention so does delicious foods like Laddos.  So while the crooks were distracted and all their attention was on their broken-down motorbike, Meera slipped away losing her cute little pink hair clip and went straight for the table full of Laddos!! LOL! And so out of sight out of mind, I was so glad as Meera slipped right into the crowd and out of their sights thank goodness.

I love boondi ladoo!

I love boondi ladoo! (Photo credit: Sandy Austin)

It happened so that Urmilla (Vandana Vithlani) was also near the school in that same area helping to look for Meera and it was so ironic that she would sit right on the very motorcycle belonging to the crooks as she took a slight moment’s rest and her eyes fell on Meera’s pink cute little hair clip laying on the ground without knowing or even realizing it belonged to Meera she puts it in her own hair making it her own as she continued to walk along the way calling out for Meera.

As the Modi’s are driving along to catch the crooks, Ahem spot’s Urmilla on the road as she was waving them down and so he stops the car to pick her up, once in the car Gopi couldn’t help but to notice the clip in Urmilla’s hair and so cried out that it belonged to Meera, further saying that it is one of the gifts aunt Jigna (Seema Dekhmukh) sent her. So Urmilla shows them where she found the hair clip.

In the meantime, Meera is giving those crooks a run for their money, LOL! They cannot keep up with her and she keeps slipping through the crowds and from their sight.

In the meantime, the Modi’s park the car where Urmilla assures them she found Meera’s hair clip, and Gopi spots the outdoor Laddo’s shop and believes that Meera must be somewhere nearby. As they walk around the area questioning people and showing Meera’s photo to people, Gopi finds her bracelet on the ground.

Today’s episode ended with Gopi unknowingly calling out to the two crooks that kidnapped her baby. My goodness, Gopi is truly so amazing!

My hope is that these bad guys don’t find Meera before the Modi’s do, because I don’t want them to get the chance to follow through with their wicked plans to use Chloroform on Meera in order to subdue her. I really hope that the Modi family is the first to find Meera.

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5 Responses to God Takes Care of Babies and Fools!! Adorable Cute Toddler Meera Has Been Kidnapped On My Favorite Hindi Soap Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone please tell me who kidnapped Meera in the google comments, plz?

  2. rajbgm says:

    Star Parwar’s one more stupid show,,, People having kids can’t be so ignorant..
    Its better to call it as a comedy serial..

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