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If I were a wealthy or a super-rich person, why I’d hire a colorful happy clown for a week, then a happy comedian for about a month, and then start all over again, all so that I would have someone around to keep me happy, laughing and smiling all day long. They would be a vital part of the house staff just like having a cook or maid. Their job would be to follow me around all day long as I go through my days and attend to my daily chores, they’d be there making sure I had a good laugh at each passing moment. They would be responsible for telling me jokes and lovely beautiful encouraging stories so that I am reminded that life can be this way, I’d fill my day with everything wonderful, happy, and good.

Are you afraid of clowns?Best Living Comedian Is?

I like for my surroundings to be sunny, clean, and uplifting, so that’s why I choose to be surrounded by bright clean colors I even try to wear bright colors in winter and summer so that I feel good all of the time even when sad times come and I know they will or depressing moments happen thru no fault of my own, but I always try to work my way back to being happy again.

So since I am neither rich nor wealthy, I have to settle for finding creative ways to keep joy and happiness in my life. I will eat a piece of chocolate because it really makes my toes curl LOL! Or I will act, do or say something silly to make myself laugh or make someone else laugh too. I will play lots of happy upbeat music or go spend some time in the sun by lying out at a beach or reclining in a chair in the yard. Have a get-together with friends or go visit a friend or two or even have a party or go to a party! I like going to the casinos and playing with the slot machines. I love eating delicious spicy foods too. I also enjoy watching a really funny movie every day.

I have three movies on hand that I like to pop into the DVD player that make me laugh out loud. They are “The Nutty Professor” 1 &2 with Eddie Murphy and Jada Pinkett Smith, “Big Mama’s House” with Martin Lawrence and Nia Long, and recently the funniest of them all is the movie “Duplex” with Ben Stiller, Drew Barrymore, and Eileen Essell. This movie “Duplex” reminds me of how much I never ever want to be a landlord LOL! I must also tell you that living in New York City exposed us to have our share of living next door to a nightmare neighbor or two, who have had no remorse for making lots of noise at all hours and we do not miss that part of living in the city. And so while watching this funny movie Duplex I was reminded of the movie “The War of The Roses” with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, now that movie was funny but sad at the same time and especially at the end because its always unpleasant to see couples or people in general not getting along with each other and bringing themselves to stoop to levels that can be really low.

So there are many other entertaining and funny movies and actors like Robin Williams and others also actresses like Wanda Sykes or someone who makes me have such a deep belly laugh just watching them in action. I can also enjoy watching a decent good quality romantic movie with a good storyline that gives me goosebumps and helps to bring a wonderful warm feeling and smile to my face. Who doesn’t like stories of people being in love? I am so addicted to romantic movies and books. Sometimes just watching our cats make some of the funniest moves or reading a good book that keeps me in stitches will definitely do the job and so you get what I mean here.

I can take being happy very seriously; really I do, I’m in love with the euphoric feelings of being in a happy state and in that state on a constant and regular basis. I always believed that I was born happy and so I call myself a “happy soul” who loves feeling that feeling, being cheerful and upbeat is not that hard for me at all. Even when I spend time alone I hardly ever like the icky feelings of being sad or feeling sorry for myself or being depressed, it’s just not my cup of tea and never was. I am not into suffering and feeling sad and bad all of the time. I believe being depressed all of the time is just too depressing and it’s almost habit-forming and it has to be cultivated and nurtured so I willingly choose the opposite for my life. I believe that no one likes a wet blanket or for someone to rain on their parade. It’s almost like I want to put out my fingers in a cross-like position telling the wet blankets and joy killers to back up off of me, PLEASE!! LOL!

Uh-oh... neti pot DEATH warningYoung woman showing cross sign with fingers on white | Stock Photo

If I had to make a choice I would choose to be in my own company rather than to be around someone who is in the groove of feeling sad or depressed all of the time. I like to look at nature why goodness sake it never rains all of the time! There are sunny days and not-so-sunny days. Whew, I am getting depressed even writing about it, so let me move on. LOL! But seriously I’ll always do something quickly to change my perception and my thoughts, like change my thought process or do something that will bring a smile to my face at least for the moment. It’s like I have to snap myself out of being in a depressed or negative state if I find myself there for some reason or another.

So I prefer being in a happy state the majority of the time. You see I feel that life is just too short to miss out on all those wonderful beautiful feelings of love, gratitude, and like.

This world with all of its negatives can be a beautiful place if you look hard enough for the beauty. I know life gives us all a few knocks, kicks, and shoves and I think a lot of it is self-imposed and has to do with who we choose to be around a lot of the time.

For instance, my beautiful loving husband is not a happy camper type at all and basically, he can be a very moody person and so his personality is not like mine at all LOL! We are just total opposites. But I think that over the years he has picked up some of my pertness and kind of chooses to give up a lot of his depressing moments and I praise him for doing it. Then there are times when I really cannot take him anymore nor can I stand being around his glumness for another living moment LOL! and so I’ll take off somewhere, take a break and just choose not to stick around, I will go off and try to get as far away from him as a possibly can, LOL! Even if it is to travel to the next town, go to the store, or just go into another part of the house. So a lot of the time I choose to go off by myself and be in my own happy presence or I will meet up with a friend that I know is the cheerful type. Now don’t get me wrong there are times I will just sit with him and just let him be himself. But there are times that I just have to not be present because I feel so differently about it. Sometimes when he sees he is driving me away from him by being this way he will try to give up the moodiness and grouchy ways and come around, he’ll try to be more pleasant to be around and I am so grateful for those moments when he is considerate enough to see that.

I Was Born Very Young: September 2010oscar the grouch | NowPublic Photo Archives

I think I would rather not live if I could not be happy most of the time. If I am in some kind of physical pain then I will take a pain killer, or go lay down until I feel a little better, or if there is a problem that needs solving I will do whatever it takes to get it solved or at least get it on the path of being solved if not right away but in the near future.

So it is my belief that most people prefer and really want to be happy and want the best that life has to offer. So it is my wish for everyone everywhere that you be happy because it’s really very good for overall health and well being.


Everyone knows what endorphins are, they are natural chemicals in the brain and when they are released they give you a sense of well-being.

There are many ways to trigger these natural happy endorphins by doing one or more of the following things like smiling, laughing, being in the sunlight, playing some beautiful happy music, eating chocolates, being or acting silly, eating spicy chili foods, doing some exercise, getting away for a moment of meditation, just being happy and doing a little socializing….

Check even further about what triggering endorphins can do for you:

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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