The Poor Woman’s Hormone Replacement: The Wise Woman Way


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I have been reading Susan S. Weed’s books on “The Wise Woman Way” alternative approaches for women and I must say Ms. Weed is indeed a very wise woman and very knowledgeable when it comes to nature and herbs. I have learned a great deal from her books and still learning more and more. In many of her books she breaks down the use of seven main herbs and how she believes they are important to a woman’s overall health and they are burdock, chickweed, dandelion, nettle, oat straw, seaweed and violet. She explains that she does not use hormone replacement therapy but instead uses herbs to nourish her body. I read that hormone replacement can reduce the risk of osteoporatic fractures by fifty percent but increases cancer risk. But that also physical exercise combined with adequate calcium intake can reduce postmenopausal fracture rates by fifty percent and do not increase cancer risk. I find this remarkable because for pennies I could purchase these herbs and nurse myself to good health vs. paying hundreds of dollars on hormone replacement therapy.

She explains how micronutrients such as selenium, chromium, copper, boron, silicon, zinc, cobalt, and sulfur are important for flexible strength in bones and that rich sources are seaweeds, nettles, dandelion, and horsetail.

I also found out that Microcrystalline Hydro apatite deposits minerals into the bones reversing osteoporosis and heals compression fractures of the spine.

English: Organically produced blackstrap molas...

English: Organically produced blackstrap molasses produced in Paraguay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I have decided to try and follow her as she describes what we should include in your diet and at least three of these bone builders.

1 cup/250 ml of yogurt or whey

A big mug/300 ml of calcium-rich herbal infusion

2 cups/500 ml fresh or 1cup/250 ml cooked dark greens

1 tablespoon/15 ml herbal vinegar

2 tablespoons/30 ml blackstrap molasses

1 teaspoon/5 ml Seaweed such as kelp or wakame

She explains in her book that natural vitamin D can be acquired by a daily dose of sunlight for 15 minutes between 8 am and 4 pm or cod liver oil, cooking and eating a piece of calf liver and that sunscreen blocks the production of vitamin D.

Also she gives very good advice on how to keep your thyroid healthy and states that the thyroid produces a hormone called calcitonin which is an important hormone that helps to maintain bone density.

She states in her books that getting minerals from green sources is important but when you add animal fats to them the nutrients are far better utilized. She asks a question of whether your grandmother put a piece of fat back in her collards as they cooked, well she thinks fat is important in breaking down calcium in greens like collards.

She has taken away my fear of milk and advices that eating the Organic full fat whole milk yogurt is the best source of calcium for a woman’s body.

I also went to you tube and watched Ms. Wise there:

Susan Wise on wise woman herbalogy

Susan Wise on nourishing herbal infusions

Raw food, cooked food debate pt. one

Raw food, cooked food debate pt. two

Raw food, cooked food debate pt. three


Herbs (Photo credit: ☃)

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