On My Wish List: Freeze Dried Survival Food Buckets, Freeze Dried Ice-Cream and Snacks

Food Storage

Food Storage (Photo credit: Earthworm)

Although I have started with some food storage, with lots of canned foods, bags of beans and rice. I really want to start working on getting some freeze dried emergency foods too.

But even before I do that my very first next thing is to purchase are some water filters like the Seychelles pitchers and filters.

Then to start buying little by little some of the freeze dried buckets. I have been looking at the emergency freeze dried food buckets and the various companies that sell them and the variety of foods they sell. I must say I am amazed at how far these companies have come, because I remember when survival foods tasted like sawdust and when they were in little bars. These foods are delicious now. I recently brought some samples and it was blueberry whole wheat pancakes. OMG! This tasted better then the pancake mix you buy at the super market. Not only that is they came out larger and much fluffier. I am so tempted to buy the pancakes for regular preparations. I mean my husband really liked the stuff and it was so much sweeter so you did not have to use much pancake syrup.    So I am sold on this blueberry whole wheat freeze dried pancake mix. They are now making foods like lasagna, chicken pasta, beef stroganoff, macaroni and cheese, potatoe soups and a wide variety of delicious meals and these buckets of foods shelf life is twenty years or more. Now the reason why I decided to buy these food buckets is not only for an emergency but for when I just cannot cook and I want something delicious and quick to make and the funny thing is that it runs you a little cheaper then buying groceries in the stores, its pennies per serving. I also like feeling secure about having extra foods just in case of an emergency too. Now I am not talking about stocking up like crazy. It can get to be too much and no where to store the food after a while. I don’t want to be a fanatic but I do want to be wise and ready in just in case. I think I would like to buy the fun foods too like puddings, cakes, cookies and their freeze dried ice-cream too. I heard the freeze dried ice-cream is so delicious almost close to real ice-cream minis just being cold, but that it melts in your mouth. So I cannot wait to get a few inexpensive samples.

English: Freeze-dried neopolitan ice cream bou...

English: Freeze-dried neopolitan ice cream bought from a museum. Hopelessly broken and cracked when opened. Tasted weird. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So this business has come a long way, it’s just sad that people have to think your paranoid or a nut to buy into getting food storage, but I believe it to be kind of smart because you just never know what can happen with all of these crazy storms happening all of the time and everywhere. Imagine being snowed in for a week and you haven’t adequate food nor water.  Months before storm sandy hit New York, I was telling my family members to try and stock up on some food in their house just say a few weeks supply and to have a few large gallons of water on hand. Well when storm sandy hit they were telling me lots of horror stories and how they had to walk up 20 flights of stairs to their apartments because the elevator was not working and did not work for an entire two weeks so they were forced to carry food and water up these flights of stairs and how difficult it was for them to get anyone to help them. My neice has a lot of health issues and she said if it were not for her son carrying the food up the 16 flights of stairs she does not know what she would have done. So they all wished they had done this food storage thing beforehand, but now they decided to start and I am so glad.

I learned a hard lesson myself when we moved here to the country and our water supply was cut off for four days. No one knows what that’s like until you live it. It was a really hard time because the stores in the area sold out the bottled water and we had to travel far to get so many bottles of water to last so we could cook, drink and bathe. Also we could not use the bathroom for showers nor could we use the toilet then and had no idea as to what to do, so we would have to drive into town to use the public library’s rest room during the daytime, could you just imagine or believe having to do that.

But thank goodness that the next time it happened we devised a way to survive the next time with making our own porta potty and creating a make shift shower and storing up lots of water. I cannot live without taking a daily shower! LOL! Especially in the hot summer time with no air conditioning working, need I say more!!!

We also had a bad storm here and we had no lights for an entire week in the middle of the extremely hot summer time. We would have lost all the food in the freezer and I am talking about hundreds of dollars of meat and frozen foods we just purchased. We saved everything with buying bags of ice and putting every thing on ice packs and so we had no air conditioning and it was super super hot and could not watch TV for weather updates. Thank goodness I started on the path of being prepared because we had on hand lots of candles and batteries for flash lights and so this is one reason I cannot wait until the day comes when I could purchase this newly invented fuel-less generator so I will not have to totally be without electricity next time. Who knows what is next with things happening as they are now with all of these storms. I think having at least some food storage and these freeze dried foods and water stored is not a bad move, because you just never know with so much uncertainty in the world. I think it’s just so smart to be prepared. I would rather be semi-prepared than not at all.

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  2. gita4elamats says:

    Goodonya! 🙂 Despite living in a cyclone-prone area, we are not as prepared as we ought to be.

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