ON MY WISH LIST: The Newest Of Survival Gadgets; The Fuel-less Generator (It’s Quiet too)


Flower (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I was checking out things on line and I ran across this cool survival thingee. It’s called the humless Fuel-less Generator. It looks kind of manly and it’s of a dark green and black color. My first thought was wow imagine this thing doesn’t need any gas, it’s quiet and can be safely used indoors. I checked even further and thought I would sure love to have this. It’s supposed to run on solar panels that fold or while you have electricity you can pre-charge it up that way too. It also has a hand crank so if there is no sunlight (say it rains for a few days) or no electricity you can hand crank it up. OMGoodness! It was love at first sight!

This thing is supposed to be powerful enough to allow you to run your washing machine, refrigerator, and an electric cook pot, grill and microwave.

Wow I’m thinking through an electrical outage I could still watch TV to keep up with the weather and news, watch DVD’ s, charge phones and computers also have a few lamps on so we won’t be sitting in the dark or burning candles (oh but I love candles). It would be wonderful if I could also make a fresh pot of coffee in the morning and hook up my electric grill and toaster to still have bacon, eggs and toast.

Even connect my crock pot to make a pot of stew and if it’s cold and if there’s no heat it comes with an electric blanket you could connect to keep warm. I’m thinking that I could also still wash a load of clothes if the lights are out for say more than a week in a very bad storm. Sounds amazing right!

Not only that I’m thinking that I could still use my hair dryer and electric hot curling iron on this too. Well a girl wants to stay fabulous and have beautiful hair even in a storm situation.

Well this thing sounds amazing. I need this!!  I remember when storm sandy hit the country I am sure there were a lot of people who could have used this in their apartments or homes because it was a long while before any lights were restored to many. I think this would be a wise investment for anyone. I think this will be on my “Wish List” for purchase some time in the future.

These survival gadgets that are being made are really so cool,

but I think they should make it in a pink color for femmys like me, LOL!

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