Home-Made Potpourri

I carry gardening gloves in my car and in my purse because I enjoy collecting flowers and herbs wherever I can find them.

I’ll hang bouquets of assorted colorful flowers and roses I receive from my husband or bunches of beautiful flowers like carnations, mums, and roses I like to collect or pick in my yard or elsewhere.

I simply tie any bunch of bouquets/flowers with a ribbon or string then hang them upside down on a wall or suspend them from hooks from the ceiling or even using a flower drying rack to let them all dry. All types of dried flowers hanging around the house in just the right places look absolutely so beautiful. I love saving special bunches of roses my husband gives to me as constant reminders of his thoughtfulness.

English: Agastache "Tutti Frutti". A...

English: Agastache “Tutti Frutti”. A great cultivar with a dense fragrance of lemon, raspberry, and fruit. A great upright hummingbird mint, the plant will provide your summer full of flowers for fresh cut, dried, and fresh potpourri. A good host plant for beneficial insects, hummingbirds, butterlfies, and certain moths. Picture provided by Trevor Floth, owner of Huasna Valley Nursery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes we may drive by a field of wild flowers and I will ask my husband to please go pick some for me, so sometimes we stop and gather beautiful bunches of free flowers. And so I will count one Mississippi, two Mississippi, and three Mississippi until I have at least a dozen or more bunches of flowers to carry home. 🙂

Most times with the ones I don’t hang I’ll bring them indoors and place them in heavy thick books to be pressed.  So if you walk around my home and check the books they all have a huge selection of flowers in them that I have spent all spring and summer long gathering.

Even during the fall I will do the same, looking for fall blooms and beautiful colorful leaves as they turn, then I put them in my books all around the house. I’ll take snippets of pine from the pine trees in the area and hang them as well.

Last fall my husband was even kind enough to collect a huge bag of pine and acorns for me and they were all perfect and in many different sizes. I will also dry some orange, lime and lemon peels and add cinnamon sticks, cloves or stars. So this collecting is like playing a game with beauty.

So when the time is right I will collect all the dried flowers by the end of spring, summer or fall and place them in recycled glass jars I saved to make my own potpourri.

I’ll save some in the jars and use some by displaying the potpourri on old pretty plates or bowls and just sprinkle essential oils on the mixture and place them all around the house and the fragrance is so amazing.

I also like to make little fabric sachet bags by filling them with the dried flower mixture and tucking them away in closets and drawers. Also make book marks or add them to homemade greeting cards.

I even enjoy packaging some of the remaining potpourri in little clear cellophane bags, tie them up with ribbon or beautify some brown paper bags and send it as cute thoughtful gifts to family and friends with a tiny note of well wishing.

I know lots of people already know about this but isn’t this an easy, inexpensive and crafty way to make potpourri to beautify and make your home smell so nice.


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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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2 Responses to Home-Made Potpourri

  1. These are wonderful ideas, but I especially love the cards. How to you secure the flowers to them? Are they sturdy enough to mail (or store for awhile), or should they be created and given by hand soon after?

    • I like to see them secured by glue with a hot glue gun or regular clear glue, when mailing them wrap or cover the dried flower area with soft pretty tissue paper. also dried flowers keep for years, you can freshen them with essential oils, also to keep a fresh batch easily collect more during the spring, summer and fall seasons, so thanks so much for stopping by and commenting too.

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