Aaj KI Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai: I was wrong about Sona’s mother in law, Sunaina Devi

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It turns out that she may not be as money hungry as I first perceived her to be, because Sunaina Devi (Himani Shivpuri) was surprisingly offered several million dollars for the purchase of her ancestral home by the “evil” conspiring business woman, Indraani Devi (Sushmita Mukherjee) but Sunaina Devi did not bat an eye lash when she turned that offer down.

In a previous episode Sunaina Devi was ready to have Sona (Suhasi Dhami) thrown out of the house due to the recent problems of Uddam’s job loss issues in the military due to an article Sona wrote in the newspaper before her marriage and entrance into the Chaturvedi family. This woman tried making Sona look and feel bad because of this  along with making Kanhiya (Anirudh Dave) feel just as bad for his decision to support his wife and guilty by accusing him of not loving her anymore.

Although in constant fallout with her mother in law, Sona’s goals and ways of functioning is a little different than that of her mother in laws, but she’s getting the job done and her point across nevertheless. She has become an inspiration to all as her reasoning for quitting her job as a journalist to become a stay at home housewife alongside housewife Neelem (Monika Khanna) has brought her a many tears. From the moment she stepped up into this family, she noticed the hardships of Neelem’s situation and how over worked and under appreciated her role has been. Right from the beginning Sona was determined to show that being a housewife vs. working wife should not be any less respected. It is her view that a homemaker’s work and life goals shouldn’t be any less valued and important as that of a working wife/woman.  So as she is experiencing little victories along the way while trying to prove this point. Sona’s hard work is starting to pay off at winning her mother in law to her side. She is doing her best to be a loving daughter in law, wife and member of the Chaturvedi family by being the glue that is keeping the household running smoothly, successful and functional in the midst of chaos and family issues that life presents of itself throughout this show.

Sunaina Devi’s strong and proud character is to be admired though, just watching her be a strong pillar whose main purpose in life is to love, nurture and care for her entire family is amazing. She is doing her best with this large family of adults who by American cultural standards would have or should have flown the nest by now, but these grown children are all still living at home instead of being on their own.

The Chaturvedi family consists of four adult sons, their wives, grand children and an adult daughter and her husband. At first I found it kind of difficult to swallow, seeing adult children ruled over by their dominating mother and even though it’s all part of a culture and a life style for which they accept willingly, my main question is how does a mother/mother in law have so much power and rights in a family like this in this day and age.

She has so much control over the family’s order, function, structure, finances and rules to the degree of something as trivial as getting to decide what everyone gets to take for lunch each day to their jobs on down to whether her daughters in law get to leave the house or not. Her daughters in laws have to inform her and get her permission to leave the house for any period of time.

On one hand I can see and so very much adore the value in family being close-knit and living together under one roof like this, but then on the other hand I am so used to seeing things from an American point of view. You know how we are taught here in America to grow into adulthood and to go on to live separate lives by moving out of our parents homes and on our own to create our own little families. Finding families where various generations are under one roof is rare and hardly ever the norm in America. I am sure that just the thought of grandparents, parents, adult children and grand children all residing under one roof is bound to have its blessings and challenges.

So watching her as she interacts with her four adult sons and how she gets to have so much control over their wives, her adult daughter, her daughter’s husband, grandchildren and an uncle is really enjoyable to see.

Last week’s episode took my heart by surprise as I watched the scene when Sunaina Devi laid her head so lovingly on the chest of her son Kanhiya (Anirudh Dave) as he put his arms around his mother and said to her ………….

“Mom I love you very much, for me nothing and no one is more important than you, and let me tell you one thing, if you ever say it again, that my love for you is just pretence, I will leave this house and go away”.

It was just a few episodes before this one where she accused him of not loving her at all and for putting on an act of caring for her in front of everyone as she slapped his face really hard in hurt, disappointment and of a broken heart and so was not on speaking terms with him and Sona for a while.

She immediately replied to him telling her that he loved her and said “Don’t you dare talk about leaving this house. What will I do without you? Everyone else in this house only cares about their own happiness. I will never forgive them for what they have put me through. They mean nothing to me.” At that moment Kanhiya affectionately wiped a tear from her eyes.

It was such a beautiful scene to watch as Kanhiya (Anirudh Dave) showed such great affection and support to his mother Sunaina Devi at that moment as he told her how much he loves her and cares for her. A scene mothers around the world would love. I could not help but applaud this moment. So as she sought his consolation, support and affection. I watched as her tears flowed over the heart break, shock, disappointment and betrayal of her three sons Govardhan (Rajesh Jais), Manohar (Prashant Chawla), Uddam (and who is this mysterious actor playing this role) and their wives along with her daughter Darshana (Shivangi Sharma) and her husband. They are all being instigated against her by her long ago friend now millionaire Indraani Devi (Sushmita Mukherjee) who wants to buy her house by any means necessary. So I felt her pain, the pain that only another mother can understand. That sharp cutting pain of heart brokenness caused by her very own children from her very womb, a little too much for her to bear alone. Being a mother myself I know how that can feel it’s almost like being cut to the quick of your soul when it comes to anything regarding your children.

Indraani Devi wants to build a huge hotel where their ancestral home now stands and Sunaina Devi only has fond and cherished memories of raising up her family there and would not think of selling this home at any cost. So her adult children are in the grips of this woman who is interfering in their abilities to continue with their livelihoods and are being influenced and manipulated into believing they can all have better lives once becoming millionaires. They are now dreaming (building castles in the sky) of living life separately with riches and glamour.

So on this weeks episode they are forced to quickly prepare a puja (prayer ceremony/meeting) at their home due to another one of Indraani’s schemes to undermine the families pride and dignity.   Sona gives Sunaina Devi hope to at least try to go ahead with the puja (prayer ceremony) with the help of Kanhiya and uncle Gyaneshwar (Parikshit Sahni). So they are running around to get together all that would be required to meet the need of a huge amount of their neighbors attending this last minute puja (prayer ceremony). So the question is will they be successful or put to shame. I can’t wait to see how things turn out in this weeks’ upcoming episodes.

This show in my opinion is excellent, wonderful, exciting and very enjoyable to watch. Its an interesting cast with a few loving scenes and fun moments that will keep you coming back for more.  I really do look forward to watching this show, always excited and wondering with anticipation as to what will happen on the next episode.  Now that’s the truth!

But I have one thing that is puzzling me about this show, it’s a mystery.

Uddham Chaturvedi, the army officer who is Neelem Chaturvedi’s (Monika Khanna) husband. This guy has been acting in this show for months now and no credit is being given to him. Even if you go to Zee TV’s website for cast and crew there is information on everyone except him, his name is not even mentioned.

Who is this actor/guy portraying Uddham Chaturvedi? Does anyone know! If you have the answer to this mystery please let me know. Thanks so much for any information you could provide.

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