What Is Going On In The World Today!


white, red, and pink mini roses

white, red, and pink mini roses (Photo credit: Shandi-lee)

I am looking at the news today and I truly believe that lots of people have lost their minds. Every time I look at the news it’s one thing after another. One man went to a dentist for three teeth to be removed and so the dentist pulls practically all of his teeth out of his mouth without his permission. Prior to this patient he has done this before! Talk about malpractice, looks like this doctor should have been sued a long time ago and his practice shut down. Then one man was admitted into the hospital to have an eel removed from his rectum because he was imitating a porn video, geesh imitating a porn video!!!! I guess someone forgot to tell him that “Porn is not real life” DUH! So he winds up in the hospital for surgery and the eel was removed after it chewed out a huge chunk of his large intestines. Then I know everyone heard about the man who was so distraught that he held four fire fighters hostage because he wanted to demand his cable be turned back on and his electricity too. His house was in foreclosure since November so he was super pissed off and mad at the world because he was apparently losing everything and all of his luxury lifestyle perhaps (sounds like a two year old in a grown man’s body to me). I do declare. What is going on with people and their minds? I really have stopped watching the news but I do spend at least a few minutes on checking on the news versus when I used to watch news all day long, well it is truly sickening.




Roses in B&W

Roses in B&W (Photo credit: Ana12321)

I think that people really need a spiritual connection or else things can get real ugly, crazy and so much worse. I remember that my grandmother used to say that you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything. I am finding this to be so true. People are actually making a lot of rash, life endangering decisions which does not make much sense, I mean really! Then there are the poor victims to these people’s bad choices. It is very scary.


When I look at the news about what is going on in North Korea I am thrown for a loop and I feel sorry for the people of that country who probably wish they didn’t live there. The people there are starving because this fool wants to strengthen his military. This man is really hell bent on destruction and he does not even care that he may be the cause of the destruction of many innocent lives. He just cannot see the bigger picture. He has his finger on the “button” and wants to destroy the world. Both the president’s of North Korea and Iran are really “Mad” unbalanced men.  It’s so sad to see idiots/mad men in leadership. These little tiny nations haven’t got a clue.  I am hoping they are just only selling woof tickets, because I am sure they must have sense enough to know that once they send out a missile of some sort, that immediately, straight away, within minutes, they would cease to exist themselves. I am so upset about this sad mess. This world is so full of people who are just so full of hatred, dislike and evil. Some people are just so desperate and will do anything without thinking about the consequences and danger to others.


who has been painting my roses red?

who has been painting my roses red? (Photo credit: Tigresblanco)

Half the times I want to say stop the world I want to get off and if there was another planet that was safe to live in I’d try my best to get there. I believe the earth is rocking and reeling because of the hate in the hearts of mankind. Every time you look around there is some killer bad storm, sink hole, tornado or earthquake and the effects of global warming causing major climate changes. We are having really very very discouraging times and I myself am being affected by all of this like I am sure are so many. Personally there are people in my life who are so greedy for money and are willing to do anything to take my few dollars from me, by bullying, manipulation or even worse just outright stealing from me. Then you have people who want to scandalize your name just for a bit of juicy gossip. There is just plain outright rudeness and carelessness for other people’s feelings and respect has gone out of the window. Where does it all end?


Simple Bouquet

Simple Bouquet (Photo credit: nattywoohoo)

Well I just had to settle myself down and go find peace of mind so I went to spend some time in my prayer space and do a little talking to God. My prayer time is what keeps me going each day and I know if it wasn’t for Jesus in my life who knows where I would be and what and how low I would stoop too. God has really changed me and made a difference in my life. I have been walking down this path for a really long time and I believe that if I did not have the time in like I do I think I would be making some wrong choices too. So I find that I have to make the time to sit and release these upsetting emotions when they come in order to be at peace while living right in the midst of all the foolishness and begin to thank God for my blessings no matter how large or small. I always remember what my mother used to say and that was no matter how bad things get there is always someone who is worst off. I also just sit and realize that you just have to let people be who they are and not let yourself get caught up in all of the foolishness. You have to try to reach out for stability even when you are in the midst of a storm in your life. You have to use your brain and think before you act, because if you let yourself listen to all of the negative voices out there in the world, like the voices of desperation, fear, anxiety, hate, dislike and anger then you will stoop to doing something really stupid and regretful. I am finding that you have to find your own voice and listen to it clearly. Also to make it your own business to spend time in prayer and meditation so that you can get the clarity needed so that the best possible choices and decisions are made to what ever your circumstances are. I can understand and I know we all get a little funky sometimes and let things get the best of us, but then you have to shake yourself off and keep it moving. I am learning that people have to not isolate themselves off but connect with another human being that can help you make right and better decisions and choices if and when necessary.


I always used to believe that family is important but sometimes your own family can be very destructive and totally dysfunctional to the point that you may have to separate your thinking from them and find your own sane voice. I have always been one to read a lot of self help books and a lot of quality reading and so I reached out for help from others when I really needed it. But there are times you really have to encourage yourself and love your self, because help may not always be there at the split second you need it.


Roses - best viewed on grey

Roses – best viewed on grey (Photo credit: chrisbulle)

I know that man that was killed today was because he had a death wish. Anytime you decide to take another human being hostage it’s a death wish. What brought this man to this place? It’s obvious he was having financial problems but why did he choose to do something that would endanger others, endanger himself and then why did he allow himself to put having money, having cable, having electricity and owning a luxurious home over and above his own life’s value.




roses (Photo credit: damselfly58)

I am from the old school. I grew up in a poor family and poor community and never once did any of us blame the entire world or others for our lot in life. We did what they used to call “Make Do”.  Making Do is when there was no lights (electricity) we had candles, when there was no food we drank water and ate air sandwiches (pretended we were eating sandwiches) till we could get some real food. When there was no roof over our heads we stayed with other family, relatives or friends who opened their doors to us until we could get on our feet again and they knew it was right to be there for each other. It was a lesson we learned really quick that it may be you today and me tomorrow but to always share whatever God has blessed you to have with others in need, and a simple lesson that was family helped family. Also if we had a television we considered ourselves fortunate and for goodness sake we had no cable at all back then. I remember as a kid being so hungry at times until my stomach ached and so we kids would always play because it helped us forget that we were hungry. When I look around at some poor people today they are fat. We were poor and you knew it! We were all skinny not fat. I used to thank God back then for the Government cheese and things we used to get when times were really hard and there was no money to buy food. I think some people do not really know what suffering and being without really is like. I hope that people will get back to the basics and stop putting material things over human life and stop putting the need for power and greed over doing what is honest and decent. In this life you lose some, you win some and you learn some. You may be riding high this year but be down in the dumps the next year; you just never know where life will take you, there are no guarantee’s in life. There is a lot of sorrow and misfortune in many lives but there has to be a better way to cope with it all. Sick people (mentally ill) need to be paid attention to so that they get the help they need right away before they harm someone. And so that’s why we need gun control and back ground checks, people should realize that the government is not trying to take their guns away, they have it all backwards. Until things happen in their community then they will see things differently.  And even responsible so called sane people need to learn the “golden rule” all over again. What ever happened to the old saying like “treat people the way you want to be treated”?


It is my hope that this post has not offended too many people because I know I went off the reservation today and put some paint on my face and wore the old war bonnet LOL!


White Roses

White Roses (Photo credit: Details of the Day)

But seriously, I think if we all really took a look at love and focused on doing something good, decent and kind for the next person every single day it might make a difference in our world. It’s time for people to turn to God and I don’t mean religion because so many are being killed in the name of their religions. But to actually seek out God because “God Is Love” and love is our only hope in this dismal world. God can change your life for the better in an instant if you can only believe it.




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8 Responses to What Is Going On In The World Today!

  1. Divya says:

    I know! I mean,a few months ago I found out that my “very best friend” was actually the most evil person in the world! She tried to steal away my sister,make me fight with my boyfriend,and tell millions of lies!People are crazy evil these days!Good thing she moved out of our city(Mumbai)!!

    • Oh wow! So you live in Mumbai. Anyway I know you are glad that so called friend is out of your life. With friends like that who needs enemies. Almost like keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. I am getting mixed up here a bit I think with the sayings. I am glad she moved far away, hopefully she won’t show back up to keep drama going.

  2. gita4elamats says:

    I agree that ‘…people really need a spiritual connection or else things can get really ugly, crazy and so much worse’. 🙂

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