My Heart Was In My Hands



It was just unbelievable, but this weekend my husband and I went to Mcdonald’s for a bite to eat and I could not believe what we saw. While we were leaving a number of young adults with small children and an infant were gathered together. As they exited one door while we came out of another they started fighting to the death. It all happened so quickly, when all of a sudden one of the young adult girls lifted her arms and slammed down hard on one of the young adult boys, the next thing I knew he reacted by throwing his ice-filled drink at her, totally soaking her and the doorway and so I just knew I was going to get wet in the middle of all of this. But then I watched and it all seemed to be in slow motion, as the baby stroller rolled off the sidewalk tipping over onto the parking lot. The poor baby flew out of the stroller and landed underneath the front end of a parked car headfirst. I tried so hard to reach out to stop the stroller but unfortunately, I was more than a few seconds too slow to save the baby. OMGosh! My heart was in my hand as this baby’s head landed on the ground.  Of course, the baby started crying and I stood there hoping and praying this baby was not badly hurt but was going to be ok in spite of this fall. Then the next second I heard the other young girl with the fighting two say as she reached to pick up the baby from the ground “oh I dropped this girl’s baby”. She then looked at me and proceeded to yell at all the other small children that were with them. “Go to the house! Go to the house!” She just kept yelling and so the small children just stood there frozen, looking and not moving at all. They appeared so traumatized and frightened by all of this fighting going on around them. My heart just broke and went out for these children. I am so sad to have witnessed all of this. I really cannot stand to see children mistreated, hurt, or even yelled at. Well, one of the employees came out and was telling them to all go home. I take it she knew them all. So they all walked away and I could still hear that baby crying.

I was so very upset; I was praying that this baby would be ok. I wanted to go over there and hug each one of those small children, reassure them and tell them everything was going to be ok. Oh Gosh, sometimes I wish I had the power to take good care of all the little children of the world and protect them all from harm.  I wish I could love them all and protect them all from any form of cruelty. Children are so innocent and at the mercy of the adults who care for them.

So as we were driving home, I said to my husband that I hope the children tell the adult in charge that the baby fell in the street while the older kids were fighting and not trying to cover it up. Oh gosh, I felt so heartbroken and I knew that there was not much that I could do for the baby or the smaller children. So the only way I could sleep that night after what I witnessed was to say a prayer for them, I went ahead and said a silent prayer.

My Prayer For These Small Children:

God, please help these innocent small children we saw this weekend and all of the children in the world in similar circumstances and situations. Dear God kindly have mercy and please send your angels to watch over them and protect them. Please grant safety to these small children’s lives and kindly deal with those responsible for these children’s welfare. Also please let the small baby recover from all injuries and send healing. Amen.

I find myself still thinking about all of this and I wish it never happened. All I could do is keep praying for them and all the children of this world.


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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2 Responses to My Heart Was In My Hands

  1. Karyl says:

    Thank you for your prayers sweet woman. I will pray for them too. Remember to be consoled in God’s love and know that in heaven, no child is ever hurt. Only in this crazy world!

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