Phir Subah Hogi: Sugni and Thakur Malik Finally Marries!

English: Taken during Hindu wedding ceremony

English: Taken during Hindu wedding ceremony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


They tied the knot! Sugni (Gulki Joski) and Thakur Malik (Varun Badola)  ended the show with their marriage ceremony and wedding night! I actually was so shocked when they decided to end their previous marriages and join hands in a new relationship with each other. I guess most people would agree on it because this relationship was so hot from day one. Actually, I wanted them to get married too in the beginning. But I changed my mind later on after Aditya (Nandish Sandhu) and Sugni married. I fell in love with their relationship and so I had high hopes for their union. This story had so many twists and turns to it but I still am shocked because their strong religious beliefs say they are to remain in their first marriages and try to make them work. But let me not go there for now.

I had high hopes that once Sugni realized she was already married to Aditya she would give up this new desire to marry Thakur Malik and go back to Aditya.  Well, it didn’t happen, but I guess that’s the direction the story was headed so that she would end up with her first love.

But I have to confess that my heart broke for Aditya as he stood there helplessly watching them as they circled the holy fire. Aditya really loved Sugni and it was evident in the way he shielded and helped Sugni all the while that Thakur Malik was on an obsession tangent and practically did any and everything to win back her love.

So when Sugni’s memory came creeping back as she circled the holy fire with Thakur Mallik I had a hope that she would refuse to marry Thakur Malik, especially when she yelled out to Aditya about how dare he stand there and let her marry another man. But I said out loud, talking to my television,

Sugni how can you give up that good looking man! Aditya is fine! OK!

But in the end, everyone worked so hard to convince her to go with Thakur Mallik her first love. So I guess you can say it was a happy ending, but it didn’t feel like that to me. It seemed kind of bittersweet if you know what I mean.

I just hope at some point they would bring this show back as Phir Subah Hogi 2, why that would be a nice surprise. By the way, I hear that Star Plus is bringing back Pratiga as Pratiga 2. So why not Phir Subah Hogi 2.

Well, a girl can wish can’t she?

So I am saying today farewell, adios, Namaste, C’est la vie, Buenos Noches, mooches and goodbye to one great Hindi soap.

~Phir Subah Hogi~

Sugni (Gulki Joski)

Thakur Malik (Varun Badola)

Aditya (Nandish Sandhu)


Sharon namaste Guzman 280

Sharon namaste Guzman 280 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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29 Responses to Phir Subah Hogi: Sugni and Thakur Malik Finally Marries!

  1. Noah says:

    Oh really I don’t think it is finish like that.It is not possible since the serie was never could she just marry Vikram and leave Aditya like that.A man who love her whole hearted.all the problems in the family were not solved,my Aditya can not stay lonely for ever and he can not more go and bring amrita.Because he truly loves sugni.did sugni not have any feelings for Aditya,so all she was doing was all a drama?.Wow sugni what a wonderful full actress.I pray that phir subah hogi 2 should be introduce us soon

  2. I wish aditya and sugni will get married atlast after regain her memory the film was interesting keep it up

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would look forward to part 2 as well. Love the chemistry with Sugni and Thakur Malik

  4. DORA says:


  5. DORA says:


  6. lavisha hooblal says:

    Just watched the final episode of Breaking Free here in South Africa …. Absolutely dissapointing!!!

    Vikram found Sugni and never thought once of bringing her home, He never even respected his nephews marriage enough to bring back his supposedly dead wife that he (vikram) had shot while trying to get rid of his own flesh and blood nephew…. sounds pretty obsessive to me!

    Vikram has been wrong since the start, he had a wife and never told Sugni, so I guess lies and betrayal win in the end …
    Adi never loved Sugni but he married her out of a promise and grew to love her, his love was pure… He never had any hidden intentions, he fought for her rights as his wife…

    So utterly dissapointed…. Adi and Sugni should have ended the epsiode together

    • So just as I thought this serial has been playing in South Africa, amazing! Yeah so I was somewhat disappointed too at how this ended. Yes I agree Adi grew to love Sugni and I was so hopeful about the possibility of their union. But things took another turn. I was shocked along with so many other people too when Sugni married Vikram. Adi was so loving towards her.

  7. Tonia says:

    d movie is getting so annoying,i jjust hope she will nar end ul getting married to vikram

  8. williams says:

    Wtf…this movie just got so useless..why the hell would sugni end up with vikrham, what were the foolish directors thinking..people loved adi and sugni together and they spoilt every single bit of the story.. To hell with you foolish so fucking pissed at the moment, with everything adi went through with sugni while foolish vik frustrated their marriage….foolish and unsensable directors..fuck this breaking free it just got so useless and meaningless

  9. Eunice says:

    Hopeless drama , just watched where Vikram had his man hunt Aditya being one of the several attempts to kill his nephew or Son to now find out that she ended up with vikram is an insult to reality.Are the movie directors now saying marital values should be waived and people should still tie the knot to those who murder their loved ones.Because i recall Aditya ran mad on.the spot. I guess that doesnt count.No offence but i lost the interest to finish the series.

  10. malik choudhry says:

    i agree with u….how can she marry vikram!!thats not love but obsession and since she didnt divorce aditya woulnt her marriage with vikram be considered not valid……i feel pity for sugni….adi is FINE and Handsome….a very disappointing ending hope there will be a phir subah hogi 2

  11. fgassette says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

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