The New Hot Couple: Ahem and Gopi Win As Mr. & Mrs. Rajkot on Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) and Gopi (Deevolena Bhattacharjhee) look so good together! They are the “New Hot Couple” of the year!  I am so happy to see the heat turn up between them as they are finally coming together.  It’s so wonderful to see them starting to become so affectionate and loving towards each other. This weekend’s baha episode of Saathiya was absolutely fascinating and wonderful to watch. I loved seeing Ahem and Gopi compete and win as Mr. & Mrs. Rajkot.

I delightfully applauded while watching as Ahem caught Gopi on stage to break her fall, holding her ever so close and tightly with so much love, affection and pride. Gopi of course was ever so happy and so content as she laid there in her man’s big broad arms letting him know, as they were face to face with those beautiful huge poppy eyes of hers, just how strong and capable Ahem is to her. I could just tell that within her spirit she is letting him know just how much she needs his masculine energy, love and strength in their private little world. Oh my! How my heart even skipped a beat as it’s so nice to watch as their relationship blossoms into a very loving passionate one these days.  I am absolutely sure that the fans of the show are certainly loving and enjoying every moment of this passion they have between the two just as I do.

The look of love in their eyes impressed the judges and the audience. Oh my goodness! They are so romantic and in love, it is so easy and plain to see.  Even Kokila (Rupal Patel) was glowing with pride that her son and daughter-in-law Gopi did so well in their performance to win.

Rashi (Rucha Hasabnis) and Jigar (Vishal Singh) did well also. I loved her dress and Gopi’s dress when they competed for best dressed couple, but poor Rashi was suffering from morning sickness while on stage and so she felt the whole atmosphere was spoiled so she felt she did not deserve to win. I felt she and Jigar deserved to win along with Ahem and Gopi but you know Rashi cannot go too long without being the drama queen that she is, always wanting to have things done her way, especially now since she is staying with her mom, Urmila (Vandana Vithlani) leaving her sasural, the Modi mansion.

But you know Rashi has really lucked out in life to have won such an affectionate husband from day one in Jigar unlike poor Gopi who went through and always had a hellish time winning Ahem’s love and affection. But I am so glad this is no longer the case for Gopi these days.

Rose Love バラ ラブ

Rose Love バラ ラブ (Photo credit: T.Kiya)

Ms. Urmila is still up to her old tricks and it was so funny to watch her step up and take Rashi’s place in the balloon popping competition since Jigar refused to allow Rashi to participate in that first step due to her being pregnant.

I just love Kokila (Rupal Patel) and how she rides Urmila and Rashi’s cases. She will not let them up for any air ever!  LOL! She stays in on them both due to their consistent shenanigans. I know Urmila felt bad when Kokila refused to let her sit at their table during the competition. Urmila will not change because she is just that way, always has to be in her daughter Rashi’s life, scheming together and making Gopi suffer the consequences to their actions all the time.  Although I get so annoyed with Urmila when she tries to make Gopi’s life so difficult, I must give Urmila credit though because she was smart enough to figure out a way to get Rashi married to Jigar in the first place hoping to cash in on being related to the affluent Modi family.

But Kokila has got their number baby! Kokila plays her role to the max! I Love You Kokila! Continue to ride them! I don’t know where this show would be without Kokila. She is so smart and gutsy.

Well I guess we will have to wait and see what happens this week as to whether Rashi is going to change her mind and accept the award and prize money. You know Rashi is riding on her high horse for a while, let’s she if she decides to get over things.

a hindi soap opera in the hotel room

a hindi soap opera in the hotel room (Photo credit: smee_me)


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    very nice siriyal

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