Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Style Foods Are Delicious

I love living here in the country but every once in a while I will miss living in the City. I truly miss having the exposure to the various kinds of foods you can eat on any day.  You can take a drive in any direction and arrive in thirty to forty minutes and find Chinese, Spanish, Indian, Mexican, and Jamaican, Soul food, Italian and Mediterranean Middle Eastern Style foods. The funny thing is when I lived in the city I used to crave New Orleans style foods and although they had a few New Orleans Style Restaurants there none came as close as the actual thing.

I often found myself dreaming that I’d jet to New Orleans for dinner and a show and return home by midnight. Sort of like Cinderella huh! I’d dream that I would get back home before my carriage turns into a pumpkin. LOL!

So you could just imagine how happy I was when we discovered a Mediterranean style restaurant in the next town here, but it was short lived because the restaurant has shut its doors. Oh I am so hating this bad economy more then ever now. There are so many quality restaurants who cannot keep their doors open.

Anyway I own a Mediterranean foods style cook book and glance over the recipes so often and well the cookbook is such a good read, but the only thing is I just wish I had the guts to really prepare a meal from this book, the recipes seem so intimidating.

So one day after speaking with the owner of a Mediterranean style restaurant he convinced me and gave me his famous recipe for hummus and so I did successfully make the hummus recipe and it was delicious. So I am thinking that I will make it for dinner once again one day next week along with some rosemary grilled lamb chops, spicy basmati rice and at least two vegetables. I need some really delicious easy recipes for veggies because I hope to make enough to serve at least two veggies at dinner each night.

This is one recipe book (Food of Life) I always wanted but find it’s too expensive to get, it’s on my wish list though.

Anyway here’s my hummus recipe:

Hummas Recipe


One bag of Chickpeas (I prefer to start with chick peas in the bag)

or canned chick peas (for faster prep time)

Juice from one half of a lemon

2 cloves of garlic

5 tablespoons of Tahini Sauce

A pinch of salt

1 tablespoon of Olive oil (also extra for later use)

A sprinkle of hot red pepper powder

Whole wheat Pita, or flat bread, or crackers (saltine, Ritz or whole wheat crackers)

To prepare the Chickpeas is a two (2) day process if you want to cook the chickpeas from the bag (or for a faster method you can heat a can of chickpeas and combine with the ingredients)

Prepare Chickpeas:

Soak one bag of chickpeas for two (2) days in the refrigerator (add salt to water)

Then wash and rinse.

Put pre soaked, washed and rinsed Chickpeas in a medium sized crock pot and add just enough water to cover the peas (don’t put too much more water then that, you may have to add more water later at around the 4th or 5th hour) and cook chickpeas for 6 hours or until they are soft.

Strain hot liquid from cooked chickpeas (reserve 1 cup of the hot liquid and at least 1 cup of the strained chickpeas)

Combine the strained hot chickpeas in a food processor (don’t forget to reserve 1 cup of the chickpeas for later) with lemon juice, garlic cloves, Tahini Sauce and a pinch of salt. Now drizzle the olive oil and reserved liquid into the food processor, blending and pulsing until the hummus ingredients are silky smooth and creamy.

Serve and on each plate plant one tablespoon or more of olive oil along with one tablespoonful of the reserved chickpeas in the middle of the hummus and sprinkle a tiny bit of the hot pepper powder as you so desire.

Hummus can be served with rosemary grilled lamb chops, rice, pita bread or flat bread (or Ritz, Saltine or Wheat crackers) and fresh sliced cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes.



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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2 Responses to Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Style Foods Are Delicious

  1. rodlucas2 says:

    I think that these middle eastern food toronto really are the most delicious. They really put so much flavor into each bite.

    • I know, I just wish there were more places that served this kind of food. I really wish I were better at cooking in this way. But I will keep trying to learn. Thanks so much for you comment and stopping by. Have a wonderful day my friend.

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