Phir Subah Hogi Update: Sugni Is Very Much Alive As Chubuli

in Indian Palace Hotels

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Sugni (Gulki Joski) is alive! Hooray! Living in a beautiful, gorgeous, lovely and beautiful castle/palace girly girl space. But the catch is that she believes she is a person named Chubuli. I was more then happy to learn the good news, but unfortunately she’s suffering from some form of amnesia. Sugni is clueless and she believes she’s is now a dancer at a palace/brothel for her Sacred Mother Tarabai. But what is so strange about this new finding is that she is surrounded by a whole group of people who claims she is and has been this strange new person.

I am certainly digging on this luxurious beautiful gorgeous space, in spite of it being a negative place such as a brothel, they made the scenery absolutely so, so pretty. I just love how beautiful each room is in this place. The decorations are lovely and quite classy. Each room is full of color and has such a pretty, romantic and comfortable palace like feel. The art on the walls in main hallway upstairs is amazing and all over there are beautiful chandler floor lamps, ceiling chandlers, colorful sheer curtains, marbled floors and dangling strings of mirrored glass all over the walls and curtains. It’s a wonderful girly girl dream place, almost castle like. I would love to live there, but without it being a brothel.

Devdas (2002 film)

Devdas (2002 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I watched I was reminded of the beautiful scenes in the movie Devdas, starring Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan, another absolutely beautiful space.  I am so very much inspired and would love to create the same beauty here in at least one of the rooms in my home.

Anyway, today’s show had Sugni or should I say Chubulil’s memory resurfacing. Ever since Thakur Malik Vikram (Varun Badola) showed up on the scene by accident at this brothel and claimed her as “His Sugni” and making claims to these people that she was not this person named Chubuli, he since attempted to bring her back to their world only Chubuli slipped away by sneaking away the keys of the jeep from Thakur Malikand taking off driving herself back to that beautiful palace of a place. But upon her return her memory is restoring even more so, because she began to wonder when she learned to drive. On today’s show she had flashbacks to when she performed the “Rai Dance” and it was wonderful to watch her perform the Rai in that trance like state.

I feel this performance was one of her best, Chubuli rocked!  She worked that dance, everyone had their mouths wide open with wonder. They were as amazed as I was at how well she danced. The majority of them were unfamiliar with this form of dance but someone in the room recognized it as the “Rai Dance” and Sacred Mother Tarabai wondered when Chubuli learned this dance. Anyway to stamp down any suspicions about all of this Tarabai played if off by saying Chubuli was gifted from birth as a dancer. I really enjoyed and loved every minute of her performance. The music she dances to is absolutely amazing! Chubuli not only danced well but rocked the house today. Not only does she rock the house she has worked her beautiful charms on yet another wealthy, good looking hunk of a man, Mr. Diwakar Singh. Diwakar Singh is crazy about Chubuli and willing to pay Tarabai endless amounts of money just to be in Chubuli’s presence.

Chubuli has boarded a bus to Mahuari to find Thakur Malik and what truth is in his allegations that she is Sugni from another world, “his world” and Mother Tarabai is having a melt down since finding out that Chubuli has left and has her men searching high and low for her to bring her back to the brothel. Tarabai claims she will be in a world of trouble if her Chubuli is not brought back to the brothel. It’s obvious that there is some kind of secret going on with Tarabai and Chubuli, and I am wondering why Tarabai is sincerely claiming to have birthed Chubuli.  I know that Gulabia raised Sugni as her own daughter, so with this new current events, it makes you wonder if Mother Tarabai is Sugni’s missing birth mother. Who knows what this is all about? But I know for sure I cannot wait to catch next week’s episodes to watch the mysteries unfold.

Sugni/Chubuli Dances Jhalla Vallaon



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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