Ek Veer Ki Ardaas: It Takes A Village

Sweet cute little Veera has her voice back.

Nihaal spoke up for Veera at this small town hall village meeting this past week on Ek Veer Ki Ardaas. He let them know that a teacher should not be let off so easy with forgiveness for scolding a child and locking them in a restricted room at school and it is something that would have landed that teacher in hot water in the cities. He let them know that strict action should be taken in that in the cities a teacher would be fired and a police report would be filed in such cases.

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - VeeraFive (5) year old Veera was locked in a restricted room with dangerous supplies inside for most of the day and half the night. My heart was in my hand as I watched this baby girl Veera find a bottle of acid and out of thirst was almost ready to drink it but because of a small mice that ran out and frightened her she dropped it to the ground and the bottle broke, the acid foaming up in the corners of the cement floored room was a scary sight to see. Poor baby girl Veera was thirsty and hungry after being locked and forgotten by her teacher in this supply room. I was so afraid also when she was looking for a way to get light in this room as she spilled kerosene on her clothes while trying to light the lamp with matches, and I began to thank the lucky stars that she had not learned how to strike a match because she would have been on fire for sure. Little cute Veera is a happy, curious, adorable little girl who talks a lot and always asks a lot of questions about life.

English: Garden rose (Rosa canina)

English: Garden rose (Rosa canina) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This story starts off with illegitimate little Veera as a newborn being dropped off by her father Samporan to his wife Ratan. Ranjay immediately fell in love with his little sister and wind up taking full care of Veera as if he were her mother, without fully realizing and understanding that this innocent baby was being neglected by Ratan because she was a constant reminder of her husband Samporan’s infidelity. Even today Ranjay is innocent and still unaware that Veera was not birthed by Ratan but another woman who Samporan slept with. Samporan wind up walking off and has yet to return to his family who very much want him to return. Rantan forgives her husbands infidelity once she reads his letter of explanation about how he wind up getting with this other woman who dies on their door step.

So on this week’s show Veera was traumatized after being locked in the room by her teacher as a form of punishment for something she did not do, Veera was accused of bringing in a lunch pail some pests that caused a disturbance in her classroom when really this other hateful little boy Baldev who is Ranjay’s rival set it up to look like Veera did this so she would get in hot water for his own revengeful purposes.

English: Rose മലയാളം: പനിനീര്‍പ്പൂവ്‍

English: Rose മലയാളം: പനിനീര്‍പ്പൂവ്‍ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So for now Veera has stopped eating, laughing, playing and talking.  It was a sad shame  to watch her in this state, she was crying, has flashbacks and in constant fear after this ordeal. Her family’s heart was so broken and upset by this, and not only her family but the whole village was heart broken and mostly everyone loves and adores little Veera, for she wins their hearts with her innocent girlish charms. The entire village all pitched in to help find Veera when she went missing. This adorable little five (5) year old girl is the heart of a simple small town. Her brother Ranjay loves her and would do anything for his little sister. This is just such an adorable show to watch, I am always with such a huge smile on my face watching these two children interact with each other. Their mother Ratan and grand aunt are excellent in providing love and care for these two. Ratan’s aunt sticks by her and her now two children through this crisis. I am definitely in love with this show.  I really enjoyed how Nihaal who is a stranger passing thru the village claiming he was there to return money he owed Samporan and since Samporan is gone missing he wants to give the large sum of cash to Ratan, who does not readily accept this stranger or his money.

It’s nice to see how Nihaal is slowly winning the hearts of the people in this village and how much he is a help to Ranjay and Veera. So he convinced the village of adults and children to show up at Veera’s home to help Veera’s recovery by entertaining her with a skit to get her back to talking and being the happy loving child she always was. I was so amazed at how the village’s children were dressed as lions, bunnies and clowns as they danced and pranced in front of Veera asking her if she could figure out which one was her brother. Finally after much dancing, singing and music Veera recognized her brother because as he had a sweet dessert in his hand in which he shared with her first before he took a bite out of it and for this reason Veera could recognize that the disguised elephant was her brother Ranjay.


Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This show is definitely remarkable and although you have the few people who are trouble makers and gossips in this village, and the world would be boring if there were no trouble makers and gossipers. But overall the people genuinely love and care for each other and look out for each others children in this tiny village. If you have heard the expression “It Takes A Village…..”. Well this story defines what the term means when it’s said it take a village to raise a child. This show is truly one of the best on Star Plus and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to watch, witness and experience as this tale is being told about the love between a little brother and his sister. I am so enjoying all the relationships of these village people. I am just left with such good feelings and a huge smile as I watch each episode, it’s so nice to watch this brother and sister laugh, love, and share and take care of each other. It just brings me back to the innocence and happiness of my own childhood growing up with a lot of siblings myself. This is one amazing show.


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