OMG! Sugni’s Been Shot on Phir Subah Hogi: One of my favorite Hindi Soaps

I am so distraught because on this week’s show Sugni’s (Gulki Joski) been shot and possibly drowned while she and Aditya (Nandish Sandhu) was in the middle of having a romantic get away at a location Thakur Malik (Varun Badola) had set up for them. Now I thought Sugni would have had the good sense to refuse to go there even at the insistence of Aditya’s grandmother that they go. Prior to them going to this romantic place set up by Thakur Malik, our dear Sugni was getting all kinds of omens and warnings for a while that something bad was about to happen to Aditya and well that should have been reason enough for her not to agree to go.

These two men were both fighting over Sugni for a long time and Thakur Malik Vikram’s jealousy and obsession with Sugni was enough to drive him to putting out a contract for his nephew Aditar to be killed. Well his plan went haywire because the hired assassin missed Aditya and shot Sugni instead by accident and she then fell off the edge of a cliff into the river.

I felt so sad for Aditya because he tried desperately to hold onto her hand but he watched as she slipped through his fingers and into the river.

I was so enjoying them being together as they were behaving as love birds and so wished they would have had the chance to enjoy their marital night together because it really took some time for them to fall in love and get to this place in their relationship. It was so nice to see how they were slowing falling in love with each other and finally confessed their love. But now it’s too late. I felt so bad for Aditya because he really loved Sugni.

It was really hard to watch him as his first reaction to Sugni’s fall into the river brought about shock and denial (this scene brought tears to my eyes) and Aditya had convinced himself that Sugni was hiding in the river and playing games with him but when his greedy sister in law Suman (Suman Shashi Kant) walked up to him and told him that Thakur Malik had her killed, it was at that moment when reality struck him and he really began to cry out in agony for his beloved Sugni.

So now Thakur Malik is walking around like a zombie because the truth about Sugni came out when her friend Champa (Vandana Singh) exposed the fact that his wife Riwa (Jaya Binju) was the one who tried to kill him while he was at the temple a while back. He had built up hatred for Sugni because he blamed her falsely for this.

But to be honest I really am so sad to see the direction of this show because I really was looking forward to Sugni and Aditya getting together. I really did not expect this sudden turn of events at all, but what else can I do but wait to see what happens next.


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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