How I Wish Every Woman Owned A Sari

Women in Sarees

Women in Sarees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A sari is one of the most beautiful dresses a woman can wear. It’s consists of a long piece of fabric that is draped and wrapped around the body and worn with a choli top that is backless and gives the feel of wearing a halter top.

Traditional Indian blouse.

Traditional Indian blouse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I wear a sari I feel lovely, feminine and beautiful. What can I say other then that I feel the transformation when ever I wear one, it’s like the thing that happens to a butterfly, once a caterpillar then the next moment it’s a beautiful light and breezy butterfly.  I think since my growing fascination with Bollywood and Hindi serials, I have grown to love and appreciate the sari. Just before I moved away from New York, I took the opportunity to purchase some sarees and they are absolutely breath taking. I wore a green colored one on a recent dinner date with my husband and I felt so elegant as I was wrapped in the luscious fabric. While wearing a Sari I no longer have just an ordinary walk, oh no, I take smaller steps and well it’s an opportunity to feel graceful as the dress just flows.  As I walk, turn and sway the fabric smooths across my body and my waist, showing my every curve, then I adore how it is draped across one shoulder with my midriff exposed. Any woman at of any size would just love the way it feels.

aishwarya at London primiere of Raavan

aishwarya at London primiere of Raavan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The choli top is a important part of the Sari and it’s tight and backless; it gives the appearance of a halter top. Basically you can choose to have many embellishments and embroidery or just a plain sari. This beautiful dress is mostly worn by Indian woman of the world and oh my! Don’t they wear that dress! It is a piece of fabric about 6-9 yards long and it’s amazing to see how something so simple can remind you of the queenly beautiful woman that you are.

Wedding dresses and other Asian couture in London

Wedding dresses and other Asian couture in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Female Model in Navel exposing Sari

English: Female Model in Navel exposing Sari (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s more information about the Sari

Choli art

Choli art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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12 Responses to How I Wish Every Woman Owned A Sari

  1. Karyl says:

    I have wanted one for a long time. What is stopping me! 🙂

  2. gita4elamats says:

    Yes, it is a lovely garment!
    I have too many of them and wear them too infrequently.

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