Weight Loss, Pampering and My Plan for Better Home Dental Hygiene


Crest MultiCare Whitening toothpaste

Crest MultiCare Whitening toothpaste (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since we don’t have such a great dental insurance plan anymore, I have devised a plan for better dental care at home, because despite all the brushing, flossing, keeping all dental appointments and having my teeth cleaned every 6 months, for years the combination of doing these things has not rid me of all the problems I’ve had with my teeth. As a child I had plenty of cavities and as an adult a few painful root canals and crowns, plus I had two of my teeth and wisdom teeth extracted.

I was feeling so depressed and felt powerless about what to do to make my teeth better. They always felt achy and sore no matter what I did. So I decided I would do a little research and fight a little better at keeping my mouth and teeth much healthier so that I could feel better.

So here’s a list of things I have started using and doing and it’s made a difference in the way my mouth feels already. I am adding alternative good dental hygiene to my weight loss and pampering plan.

The initial costs to get everything (especially the essential oils) on this list cost me a little under $200. And well worth it to cut dental costs and I already had some of the things on this list anyway. Plus what I did is add and buy one essential oil at a time.

It may seem like a lot of things to use and steps to go thru but I feel its well worth it if its going to make a difference in how my mouth feels and reduce having cavities and dental problems, so here it is.

My tools are:

1. Dental Floss ($2)

2. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap (peppermint or cinnamon) ($8)

3. Plax ($4)

4. Tooth powder with Himalayan salt ($10)

5. Periobrite tooth paste ($14)

6. Nature’s Answer Periowash Alcohol free mouthwash ($15)

7. Periorub Topical Rub ($10)

8. Tongue Scraper ($5)

9. Nano Colloidal silver ($10)

10. A Base Oil and Essential oils (almond, or safflower or vegetable oil with essential oils of clove, myrrh, peppermint, cinnamon, oregano and neem) ($45)

11. Act Restoring MouthWash ($7)

12. A Clean Spin Brush ($10)

13. Whole cloves ($5)

14. Hydrogen peroxide ($2)

15. White Distilled Vinegar ($2)

16. Hand Towel ($3)

17. 4 small sealable bowls ($5)

18. 1 plastic cup ($1)

19. Burts Bees Lip Balm ($12)

20. Daily application 2 or 3 txs a day

21. Dental Checkups every 6 months or visits as needed

Every night before I start winding down, the very first thing I do is get ready to take care of my teeth.  I rinse with luke warm water after each step except step 3, 6 and 9.  I also clean my tooth brush after each use by washing my tooth brush with castile soap and warm water and soak it for a few minutes in half hydrogen peroxide and half warm water then spray it with a vinegar and water solution. The whole procedure takes me about 4 to 6 minutes.

Step 1. Get my tools ready for use

I lay out on my vanity everything I need.

Step 2. Flossing (1 Minute)

I sit and use the dental floss really good between each tooth. It takes me about one minute. (It’s important that if you have a bridge to use the dental floss for bridges) Then rinse.  Also I would like to purchase a water pik soon to add to using the floss.

Step 3. Plax (Pre Brushing dental rinse) (1 Minute)

I swish this around my mouth for about a minute. In the beginning I used it everyday for one week then for only three days a week preferably at night. I am also hoping to discontinue using Plax soon and purchase a water pik, I believe the water pik helps to remove plac just a well.

Step 4. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap, 1 Cup very warm water, Spin Brush, Tongue scraper (1 Minute)

Next I put in a cup of very warm water a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. I lean over the sink and stick my clean toothbrush (that has been soaked in half hydrogen peroxide solution and half warm water) in the soapy water and take up the brush and start brushing away, I stick the brush into the soapy water again and again and keep brushing all of my teeth and tongue spitting out the soapy water careful not to swallow any of the soapy water.

Then rinse and scrape my tongue then rinse again. This step takes about a minute.

Step 5. Tooth Powder with Himalayan Salt (1 Minute)

Next I put a little tooth powder on my brush and brush away for about 30 seconds, (I really prefer using this tooth powder over the general tooth pastes sold in stores because most of them have the carcinogen Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in them) then I clean my tooth brush with castile soap and water then rinse, spray my spin brush with a solution of half hydrogen peroxide and half warm water, then spray with the vinegar and water solution.

(if in a hurry I will combine step 5 & 7 then go to Step 6, 8 & 9)

Step 6. Nano Colloidal Silver (30 Seconds)

I spray and gargle with a little of the nano colloidal silver and swallow some of it.

Step 7. Periobrite toothpaste and Essential oils and almond oil or safflower oil (1 Minute)

(I’ve already stored and mixed the essential oils 3 drops of each oil and one cup of the almond oil or safflower oil or even vegetable oil in a small sealed bowl.)

I soak my spin brush with this oil solution then put the periobrite toothpaste on my spin brush and brush away for about a minute. Then rinse.

Step 8. Natures Answer Perio wash and Act Restoring Mouth wash (30 Seconds)

I alternate these mouth washes, I use the Natures Answer perio wash at night and the Act Restoring Wash in the morning and during the day. No Rinse.

Step 9. Perio Topical Rub and Whole Cloves (1 Minute)

Final step I use the perio topical rub on the gums and around the teeth that may be feeling achy or sore.  And I do it everyday at least 3 times a day until the achy or soreness subsides. Then I discontinue use.

Step 10. Burts Bees Lip Balm

With a towel I pat dry my lips and apply this deliciously softening lip balm before applying lipstick during the day and before bedtime.

Then lastly I put a micro waved warm towel over my mouth and jaws to help soothe my jaws, gums and teeth.

But during the day I snuggle one or two whole cloves on the side of my mouth for most of the day, but have to replace it often because it gets kind of squishy, soaked and soft, so I spit it out and keep putting a fresh clove in.  So I alternate between the cloves and chewing gum or breath mints. I find since I have started doing just a little bit more then just plain flossing, brushing and gargling with a mouth wash, it has really helped my teeth and mouth feel a whole lot better. I am hoping that I won’t have to sit though these lengthy dental cleanings as much anymore because there will be less build up of plague on my teeth and my dentist will let me know. Well I guess in time I will find out if there is a reduction of cavities, soreness, sensitivity and dental problems. Only time will tell.


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