AHEM MODI: YOU ROCK! A Man Who Oozes With Strong Masculine Energy, on My Hindi TV Serial Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

OMG!!! Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) and Gopi’s (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) baby Meera has been switched with someone else’s baby!

Saath Nibhana Saathiya is jumping! It’s turning out to be one of the hottest and exciting TV Serials on Hindi TV here lately; I just cannot wait to tune in. OMGoodness! I am loving every moment of the show.  I am sitting on the edge of my seat during the entire show.

Ahem, and Gopi brought their baby to the doctor for an immunization shot and well you cannot resist watching how so cute it is to see Ahem be anxious about the baby as he is a new father.  He paced and watched anxiously from the doorway as the baby was lying on the doctor’s examination table with Gopi beside her as she was getting the immunization shot. No one wants to see their baby crying from pain after getting a needle, but so that the baby does not get sick with childhood diseases Kokala had to discuss this fact with Ahem because he did not want the baby to go thru with it at all. Ahem, and Gopi make such an adorable couple that your heart just goes out for them. Anyway right after the shot the baby was taken to another location in the clinic by the nurse so more tests can be performed. Sometime later Ahem went to get his baby Meera from the nursery bed and oops by mistake he picked up someone else’s baby who had a similar color red blanket and Meera was picked up by a grandmother who failed to wear her glasses so did not recognize that Meera was not her grandbaby.

I really admire that Gopi’s motherly instincts are kicking in because at some point she not only recognized her baby’s cry but also had a feeling that the baby Ahem was holding was not her baby at all. It was obvious that her instincts was talking to her when for a second she held the baby’s bare feet in her hands while they were in the hallway of the clinic and something clicked inside her because even though the blanket was the same red color as Meera’s she still believed this was not her baby, but at each moment of sensing she was immediately distracted by Ahem’s insistence to leave the clinic in a hurry without double-checking.

Ahem, and Gopi did not realize that they had someone else’s baby until they were in the car on the way home. Then once they realized it they returned to the clinic with the baby and frantically started making quick phone calls to all the parents of the babies who were in the clinic that day. Then as they watched the security camera video to get any clue about baby Meera’s whereabouts and as she watched the video, Gopi immediately recognized Meera as she was being taken away by the other baby’s grandmother.

Anyway, Gopi frantically and impatiently ran outdoors near the main entrance of the clinic crying and searching for her baby.  As Gopi was outdoors searching I found myself thinking  “where in the world is Ahem?” And then from a distance, Gopi recognized her own baby’s distinct cry from a car that was close by and as Meera was being driven away, Gopi chased after the car.  As the car had become far in the distance from her, you would think all hope was gone, but then her husband Ahem Modi appeared out of nowhere, he dashed right out in front of this moving car and as it came to a screeching halt, you couldn’t help but think of how he put himself in the danger of possibly being run over by this car. But that’s his fatherly love shining through, it was bravery at it’s finest, he didn’t care because he was determined that even a moving car was not going to stop him from getting back his baby girl. OMG! What a beautiful moment that was. Just before Ahem stepped in, I thought to myself that Meera is going to be taken from India on a flight to America to New York and they would be separated from Meera for a long time. But the moment Ahem appeared I jumped up and down in my seat clapping and applauding as Ahem stepped out in front of that car. Ahem came through with flying colors. Whewww, baby Meera was saved just in the nick of time, I began thinking about how Ahem is such a take-charge man!

Ahem is turning out to be such a wonderful family man, businessman, father and a man who is living in his own strong masculine energy. I love his take-charge attitude, you know that strong directional masculine energy that knows and if he doesn’t know for the moment then he will surely find it out. You know the type of man whose strong masculine energy commands every woman’s admiration and respect. A strong man who does not complain but eliminates or solves problems. Ahem stepped right up and solved that problem right away. He told Gopi he would get their baby back and he meant it! I LOVE IT!

Saathiya is so entertaining and right up to the music that plays in the background of each scene is absolutely perfect at helping to get the adrenalin flowing.

Well, this show ROCKSSSS. I LOVE YOU AHEM! I love you Gopi, Kokala (Rupal Patel) and all the cast of this show.  I impatiently wait till tomorrow’s show.


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