I Found a Brand New Hindi TV Serial to Love: Aaj KI Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai


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Zee TV has brought these two excellent stars Suhasi Dhami (as Sona, once journalist now housewife) and Anirudh Dave (as Kanhiya, a debang cop) together in this brand new TV serial called Aaj KI Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai. I have only watched a couple of the episodes and I must say that they are perfect together; their chemistry is like fireworks, oops FIRE!

They are absolutely cute together as the newly married couple of the Chaturvedi household. Suhasi Dhami glows as the newlywed, she is all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and Anirudh Dave is so smitten by her it is just amazing to see the two together in this wonderful show.



Whatever role Suhasi Dhami plays she always sizzles, I remember her from the TV serial Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli as she portrayed Swarn Abha, Dr. Roy’s wife.

Dr. Roy portrayed by no one other than the handsome Mohammad Iqbal Khan who I believe is one of the most handsome, hottest “Khan” men on this earth.

I also remember Anirudh Dave as he portrayed Indu Singh, the husband of Sanchi (Pooja Sharma) from the TV serial Ruk Jana Nahi which was a hit show on Star Plus, gosh I miss him in this show, but I know he is a superb actor and will be as good in making Housewife Hai another hit under his belt.

Himani Shivpuri portrays Sunaina who is Sona’s new mother in law and the head of the Chaturvedi family. This woman comes off as a bit bossy, greedy and runs a tight ship. Shortly after the wedding, you could just see how impatient she was about getting the wedding gifts from Sona’s family and no sooner the gifts arrived she had them all locked away in their storage room in which she has the only key. We will get to see how well Sona gets along with and handles this domineering mother in law who was eyeing all the gifts she had sent to the storage room and later was seen confiscating all the cash gifts as she looked through the packages. She alone decided that the gifts were too expensive and lush for her to distribute to the family members and I am sure she has plans to collect the money for those as well. Truly this woman is money hungry and all for her self.



Sona’s Grandmother Girija Devi portrayed by Rita Bhaduri is one person I will really get to adore. It is Sona’s grandmother who gives her all the “how to trap that man” advise and gave her all her ideals, values and wisdom to bring along to her Sasural. (Sasural is a very much used word in Indian culture meaning In-Laws, also their home or village where in-laws reside.) Girija Devi is just so cute as she pops in and out of Sona’s thought life freely giving her advice and reminding her to stick to what she has been taught.

Rita Bhaduri is yet another great actress who played the role of the grandmother to Avinash Sachdev who portrayed Dave the head priest in another two TV serials that I also enjoy called Choti Bahu and Choti Bahu2.

I am so excited about the cast and show, so far so wonderful; I cannot wait for next week’s new episodes.





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