Getting The Garden Ready For Winter Greens

As I said in an earlier post, my neighbor is a country bumpkin if there was ever one. LOL! I asked her if it is still ok to plant some collard greens and she says Yes Darlin! She is such a sweet heart and so of course I love her. Well she is so ready and willing to help us anyway she can. Well today my husband went ahead to get the garden ready, he pulled up the weeds and grass so that my neighbor can plant some winter greens.  It’s so exciting because this is our very first time for growing collards. So I just cannot wait till she brings the plants next week and she actually puts them in the ground herself.  So I thank my husband for all the hard work he did today out there.  I am sending him vibrations of Love.

I also have been saving some egg shells to mix in the soil too.  So I am so excited about preparing my first meal with some fresh kitchen garden greens once they really grow.


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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