Update On My favorite Hindi Soap Saath Nibhaana Saathiya: Ahem and Gopi Are Missing and In Danger



The old Gopi (Giaa Manek) and Ahem look so beautiful together. I want to believe that one day they will bring these two stars back together. Anyway, OMG!!! My Hindi soap Saathiya is really exciting and jumping for the past month. First, there was the issue about this mysterious couple who had plans to try and steal Ahem and Gopi’s unborn baby and then last week Ahem went missing on their wedding anniversary. Now, this week Gopi went missing too because she decided that she was at fault for Ahem missing so it was her responsibility to help find him. So Gopi went in search of Ahem after Kokala out of distress for her son, blamed her for all this recent trouble.  I just could not believe how Gopi took this pursuit on and bravely decided to go in search of her husband, especially since she is in the last stage of pregnancy. She is taking a great risk of being out there walking long distances searching aimlessly for Ahem.

~~~why Ahem kiss gopi?


I am so amazed at how strong Gopi’s love is for Ahem, because it has allowed her instincts to take root in helping her to find Ahem. So while Gopi is out there roaming around, she prayed and this adorable baby camel appeared out to nowhere to help her. Gopi and this camel arrive at a village named Hodka and she actually found herself right where Ahem was. Just about 20 feet away from where she sat to rest was the location where Ahem was being held, hostage. As soon as Gopi arrived in this village a mysterious man tried to stab her, but thank goodness she was distracted by this adorable baby camel. The moment he went to stab Gopi she bent over to pick up the rope on the ground to lead the camel and so he missed stabbing her. She immediately ran and hid in someone’s house and telephoned Jigar. Thank goodness for that, I thought Gopi was finished. What I also found amazing is that as the hostage men began to move Ahem to another location Gopi was right there unknowingly but instinctively again looking at the very truck that they had him tied up in, instinctively watching. It was so obvious that you could tell she felt his presence from that truck as they drove away with her Ahem.

I am so caught up because I just cannot stand to see Ahem taking a beating by these evil men as they are trying to force him into signing some kind of documents, but he is standing his ground by not signing those papers as of yet.

Meanwhile, Gopi is hanging on in there with her pregnant self as she roamed until she found herself lost in a dessert for a while and became so thirsty for Pani (water) she winds up having a mirage of herself being reunited with Ahem. OMGoodness it was such a lovely, amazing and beautiful mirage. You could just see the love and closeness between Ahem and Gopi. It was a wonderful scene, full of colors and delight.  I am just so pleased to see their closeness that I am sure all Saathiya fans were waiting to see this moment come into fruition.

Gopi safely made it thru the dessert because this amazing baby camel came to her aid again and guided her out of the dessert but unfortunately she has walked right into the hands of yet another evil man who is aiming a high powered gun at her to shoot her, but thank goodness because of that adorable baby camel, she was shielded.

During a scuffle with his hostage holder, Ahem pulled the covers off the mysterious man responsible and it turns out to possibly be Aman. I couldn’t really tell for sure, by looking at the man but if it is Aman I would not be surprised because I somehow had a feeling Aman was involved. The Modi family trusts Aman and they haven’t the slightest idea that he is behind all of this. I say he acts entirely too helpful to me, especially when he suggested that Jigar remains with the family while he alone went to Bhuj to take care of the search for Ahem and Gopi. I always had a feeling that there was something fishy about that Aman.

So now Jigar is in Bhuj thanks to Gopi telephoning and alerting him that she was in Hodka Village while she was hiding out from the evil motorcycle man who tried to kill her. I hope he has no problem finding them and remains safe, but I worry because Aman knows he is there and is ready to meet him at the bus stop.

I am also worried about Kokala because she is in total shock over all of this and is just staring into space, not responding to anyone who talks to her. I am also surprised at Rashi’s transformation; she is finally learning to be loyal and helpful to her family and to stop being so selfish and causing problems for Gopi. I was really surprised to see earlier in the show how Rashi helped to expose that new maid who had plans to steal Ahem and Gopi’s unborn child. So, for now, Aman and Jigar met up at the bus stop. As for now  I sit on the edge of my seat watching this wonderful exciting show I cannot wait to see what’s next, tomorrow will only tell it all.

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