“Sanjog Se Bani Sangini”: A Hindi Soap on Zee TV & “Teri Meri Love Stories” on Star Plus


I have found yet two more shows that are slowly but surely becoming another of my favorites of Hindi romance soaps and shows.

Teri Meri Love Stories are such cute girly girl love stories. I cannot wait until the weekend to watch these mini love stories.  Already I have a favorite few. First I must say thanks to Star Plus for making such lovely entertaining shows for all of us hopeless romantics out there.

“Teri Meri Love Stories Title Song”

“Teri Meri Love Stories”


Love hearts. Based on FML's image Image:Love h...

Love hearts. Based on FML’s image Image:Love heart uidaodjsdsew.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Zee TV Rishtey award night

English: Zee TV Rishtey award night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Also, I am in love with Sanjog Se Bani Sangini and the actor Mohammad Iqbal Khan playing Rudra is definitely a Rock star. Additi Gupta playing Pihu is such a beautiful actress and I just am in love with her role. No wonder Rudra is in love with her she is absolutely one of the most beautiful, classy actresses around.

This is a love story between the two loves or should I say the three loves. Rudra (Mohammad Iqbal Khan) and Pihu (Additi Gupta), the third party being Gauri (Binny Sharma) who I will mention later, but Rudra and Pihu are first loves/childhood sweethearts who grew up and grew into loving each other but somehow they broke apart after an explosive lovers spat.

Rudra loves Pihu to a fault and is heartbroken when he finds out Pihu is getting married to another guy named Abhay. OMGoodness, Rudra is doing everything he can to stop her marriage to this guy. I must tell you that the love Rudra has for Pihu is indescribable.


Heart (Photo credit: mozzercork)

First off Rudra/Mohammad Iqbal Khan has got to be the hottest man on this earth!!!.  I am not exaggerating. Go and Google his image and you will see what I’m talking about. Every time I watch this man in action I have to turn the air conditioner on full blast!!! if you know what I mean. He is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! A Rock Star!, Heartthrob!, Handsome, Adorable, Dashing!, Sweet and a major Heart Stealer. That’s right I have to chant to myself “I WILL NOT DREAM OF MOHAMMED IQBAL KHAN, I WILL NOT DREAM OF MOHAMMAD IQBAL KHAN” LOL! Speaking of all of the Khan Men of my dreams. Here is yet another “Khan” Man to adore. The first time I laid my eyes on Mohammad Iqbal Khan he was playing the role of Dr. Viren Roy in“Yahan Main Ghar Ghar” on Zee TV as he married Abha (Suhasi Goradia Dhami) and at that moment is when I knew I was hooked. His voice, oh my goodness is so deep. I mean deep, very deep and oh how I love it. He has such a deep deep manly sexy voice.  Wow-what a Man!!!!!

I must say I love the character he plays as Rudra in this story. I have never seen such a self-sacrificing love in my entire life. Whew that man really loves Pihu.  Is there nothing he will not do to get his love?  There are several scenes I loved watching, one in which he crashed Pihu’s wedding and walks right into the wedding venue and as soon as he walks in the room everything stops, everyone stops as he shouts out “Pihu!!” with his deep voice just echoing in the room, you could not help to feel the pain and love he feels for Pihu and obviously how Pihu feels the same about him.  Pihu stops dead in her tracts when he yells out her name, her eyes water while she looks at him with such passion, and delight, surprised and overcome with love at the very sight of him. The romance and passion between the two are crystal clear for all eyes to see in the room. The very air is so thick you could cut it with a knife. A big knife. That’s passion for me all day long, haha!!


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Abhay (the groom) stands up and looks on watching the energy that is going on between the two but no one even dares to make a move in the whole room. This man Rudra salters over to Pihu (and you cannot help but enjoy the music in this scene as it adds to the heat and passion of it all). Not a word is transpired between the two but the desire is all there. When Rudra finally gets close to Pihu he tells her he wanted to return the box filled with her things. He had stolen these lovely things from her over the years of their childhood romance and secretly he thought kept them and cherished them. He would have moments I am sure alone as he touched and held those things in his hands as he’d think of her when she was not in his presence, but even those things could not take the place of her, but were painful reminders of his lost relationship with her.  But this day he tosses its items at her feet.

Then another scene is when Rudra held Pihu tightly as a hostage in the middle of the room vowing to not let her marry Abbay, then Abbay convinces him to let her go so they can talk privately to really see what it is that Pihu really wanted to do. So Rudra waits in anticipation as they talk at the top of the staircase. Finally Pihu turns and walks down the stairs back toward Rudra with loving thoughts of him and a eagerness and anticipation of wanting to run into his arms again but she immediately flipped and you could see the shift in her thoughts as she’d reached the bottom of the staircase, in a moment she had changed her mind once again and turns to Abbay. The music during that scene is so lovely and makes you feel the passion and heat between the two.

scene here:


Then another scene takes place, when after Rudra takes a beating from the men and armed guards at the wedding and was thrown out of the wedding venue, one guard drops his gun and unknowingly leaving it there, Rudra returns to consciousness and reaches for and grabs it and stands outside with the gun to his head with the intention of killing himself, thank goodness his best friend Gauri intervenes. But still he tells Gauri he will give her until the count ten before he pulls the trigger to kill himself and if she wanted to save him she would have to bring his Pihu from the wedding venue to where he is standing. So he counts holding the gun to his head while a frantic Gauri (Binny Sharma) runs inside and emotionally convinces Pihu to stop the wedding and go to Rudra to save his life, so Pihu went running out there to her love to save him from killing himself. OMGoodness. I was on the edge of my seat for this entire scene.

Then another heartbreaking scene is when Rudra runs after Pihu as she was being taken away in her parents car, Rudra puts his life at stake again by being dragged alongside this car holding onto Pihu’s hands for as long as he humanly could and he falls alongside the road where of course Gauri rescues him again from himself. He is all bruised and bloody at the knees and hands. So once again there is this beautiful music that plays during these scenes its amazing!!

The scene here: Rudra gets bruised by a dragging car taking Pihu away from him.


Interlaced love hearts

Interlaced love hearts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So you must know that I just cannot wait to see what happens next. I wonder will he get his Pihu back. I myself find Pihu is kind of selfish and spoiled but Rudra does not see this at all, his love is so, so blind. What I also love about Rudra is he is very affectionate and does not hold back on expressing how he feels about Pihu. OMGoodness what woman in this world doesn’t want that. Imagine a man telling you how much he loves you all of the time and showing you in various ways. Now that is HOT! So I am so happy to have found another intriguing love story to watch. So till the next episode. RUDRA I LOVE YOU!!!  Keep it Coming>>>



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