Electrical Fire


electricity (Photo credit: Terry Freedman)

Our lights came back on for one minute and at first we thought it was the transformer that blew up, because we had heard an explosion. But come to find out it was just the electrical wires causing the fire, tree branches were brushing up against the wires due to the strong winds. Our neighbor said that the electric company should have cut back those branches on the trees there a long time ago. We called them three times already and but no one responded to put out the fire or to fix those wires. So who knows how much longer we will be without electricity now. I also let them know I have health issues hoping it would make a difference. I realize that they are all over the place today trying to restore people’s lights. I sure hope they will get our lights back on real soon too.

It is moments like these when I miss living in New York. I know that a lot of the electrical problems we ever had while in New York were due to the over usage of electricity in the summer (by excessive air conditioner usage which caused blackouts) and also due to heavy snow on the wires in the winter. Blackouts in New York it is very chaotic, because it is overpopulated and so many people would get stuck on elevators and trains all over the city. There would be accidents on the highways and streets because of loss of traffic lights. People had to walk to get to where ever they were going. But I have never had to worry about tornados before. Oh no let me take that back because we did have one tornado in New York and it was during the summer of 2010 or 2011, I can’t quite remember which one of the two years exactly, but it was so scary. There were uprooted hundred year old trees everywhere, live power lines were down all over the streets, trees had fallen on top of cars, houses and all over the streets. That never happened in New York, it was a first and we were there when it happened as you may read in my earlier post about this tornado we had in New York where our house was the only house untouched and every house around us was damaged in some way. (See my post titled “Left Untouched”)

But down here in the country tornados is a regular thing I hear, so this is so different for my experience and its no joke. I told my husband we should consider building in the future a tornado shelter if there is the possibility that this type of thing happens during the months of August and September. Also we need to consider buying a generator too. Because living without electricity is not comfortable at all. It’s muggy, hot and not at all comfortable here, the heat in the south is stifling, but thank goodness that there is a cool breeze here today due to the high winds.

In all actuality, I just cannot wait until all of this is over, now that’s for sure and that this storm moves along quickly. But unfortunately the weather broadcasters are saying that this storm is moving at a snails pace. So I been praying, releasing and meditating off and on getting the help I need to deal with this situation. Hopefully the rain will put these fires out because I feel like this is so dangerous and just too close to the house and for them not to respond yet is working my raw nerves right about now. So I going to my prayer corner regularly asking God to protect us and keep me. I am glad that my neighbor is calling them constantly too, because you know they say “it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil” so we must keep calling them. So till my next check in here on my blog. I pray everyone in the storm areas are hanging on in there too.

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