Update: On Phir Subah Hogi (one of my favorite hindi serials/TV soaps)

Indian necklace + sari

Indian necklace + sari (Photo credit: Celeste33)

Sugni and Thakur Malik’s wedding vows were interrupted and the ceremony stopped. Why? Because Gulabia finally had the proof she needed to show Sugni that Thakur Malik’s wife was still alive and that he had been lying to her. Poor Thakur Malik the man had no idea his wife (Reva) had survived an accident years ago, he had no idea she was still alive till late. So Gulabia with the help of Thakur Malik’s nephew Thakur Aditya Singh (Anuj Sachdeva) who found out the truth about the mystery surrounding Thakur Malik, searched and found that Reva (Jay Binju) is alive and suffers from mental illness, they found her at a local mental hospital and brought her personally to the wedding to help them stop the wedding.  I am so thoroughly upset about this development because I wanted to believe that Thakur Malik and Sugni love each other and are made for each other. I wanted to see them married. But now the loving couple has been broken apart.

At the moment Sugni has decided while in her grief of a broken heart to give up all her dreams and to perform the Rai Dance. (see earlier post describing info on this ritual dance) Gulabia’s heart is also broken to see her daughter’s unhappiness but even more upset when she finds out what Sugni’s new plans are.

So starting next week we will get to see if Sugni goes thru with her plans to perform the Rai Dance and see how Thakur Malik plans to win Sugni back.

All the time I was saying to myself why didn’t Sugni heed Daima’s (Mamta Luthra) warning and tread lightly, I kind of wished she didn’t fall so head over heels for Thakur Malik until the truth came to the surface.


saris (Photo credit: missmareck)

I did enjoy the scene when Sugni performed the Rai Dance during Aditya (Anuj Sachdeva) and Amrita’s (Priyanka Panchal) engagement party. (Although sadly it was forced on her by Thakur Malik’s sister to entertain the guests since they had not planned any entertainment for the engagement for the Thakur’s who by the way are used to at least having a Bendi dance the Rai at all special functions, parties, and engagements.)  So as Sugni performed and danced Amrita became so excited and impulsively started dancing the Rai Dance with Sugni, she did get into the groove but stopped as soon as she noticed the disapproving looks she was getting from her in-laws to be and her fiancée Aditya. But those two were looking really grand and were very beautifully dressed dancing together for a moment.

And the latest is that Amrita’s parents decided during their visit to the mansion not to get Amrita married to Aditya and so they took her away while Aditya is finally starting to realize what he’s missed in Amrita leaving. Unsuccessfully he actually went chasing after her boarding buses trying to find the one her family was on leaving the place. He returned home empty-handed and upset. I wonder how he plans to get Amrita back.

I thought the home and the special room that Thakar Malik had prepared for the wedding night for Sugni was so romantic and such a loving gesture.  The room was absolutely beautiful, he had beautiful photos of Sugni all over the walls, wrote her a loving beautiful romantic letter. The bed was covered with rose petals and flowers hanging from the ceiling. OMG!!! It was stunning!! It was to be the “Love Cave!!” “The Love Den!!!” The most romantic room in the world!! Could you imagine being treated so lovingly by the man in your life?  Because some men just do not have that decorating ability if you know what I mean. But could you imagine a man making such gestures for you? Whew!!! I would be on cloud nine!! And so ready for love!!! But sadly Sugni did not get to see this beautiful place prepared for her by her man.


Indian necklace + sari

Indian necklace + sari (Photo credit: Celeste33)

I kind of like Reva (Jay Binju), no doubt she is not all there, but you cannot help but like her style. She is an artist who paints beautiful pictures. And the way she calls Thakar Malik by the pet name she gives him, she lovingly calls him “Sahib” and frets over every little thing regarding his welfare. Acting like the typical affectionate wife although she suffers from mental illness she is such a sweetie. Also in her innocence, she has the most charming smile and way to win people. She practically worships Thakar Malik so it’s no wonder he feels the need or takes on the responsibility to take care of her even while he is in love with another woman. He claims he never loved Reva but I say watch out for Reva because she is a heart winner and could capture and win you if you’re not looking. She has a way about her that endears people to her. You can’t help but wonder will she win her husband to herself eventually. I am hoping she will be cured of her mental illness in this show because that would prove interesting. I would like to see her fight for her marriage in one way and then I want to see Sugni and Thakur Malik back together again.  But I don’t think it’s possible now. Oh, I am so confused here (lol) but I love every minute of this show.

I just cannot wait until next week as the drama continues to unfold.


Sugni Performs the Rai Dance at the engagement party:


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