We Needed To Use Some Of Our Preparedness Items Today


Water dropping from a tap.

Water dropping from a tap. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t think we would, but we wind up needing to use some of our prepping items this week and the week before.  There was a water main break twice in two (2) weeks because the town has been getting some type of special wiring laid in the ground all over town, so we had no running water, but thank God it was only for one day each time it happened.  Last year when this similar thing happened we had no water for three (3) days and we were not prepared at all for it.

So we took out the few items we purchased last year so we will be prepared for the next time there was no running water.  We had on standby an orange large tall bucket we purchased from home depot, a raised toilet seat and a bag of white tall kitchen garbage bags to create a homemade inexpensive port a potty for the bathroom.

Also we had stored underneath all the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms bottles and bottles of water from tap.  We had been storing water from tap in empty soda bottles and empty one gallon plastic water bottles.  So today we boiled the stored tap water so we’d have hot water for us to bathe and to wash dishes and used almost half of the tap water we stored.  So judging by today we will have to store even more tap water to make it last if water was not available for more then just one (1) or (2) two days.

Thank goodness last year we purchased four (4) gallon bottles of water for drinking and a Seychelles water filter pitcher, we plan to buy more in the near future as well.  But for now it came in very handy, because we had to use the pitcher to filter the stored tap water for cooking meals for that one day last week and today.

So this time things worked out much better and went smoother.  It’s moments like these that teach us how important it is to be prepared; we were so happy that we were ready this time around.

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