Meditation, Praying and Releasing: A Way of Life


Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Praying, releasing and meditation have helped me with my life immensely. I do not know what or how I would survive without doing them all.

Today when I got some disturbing news, I immediately felt a strain and fullness in my stomach and chest area. So I immediately turned aside and went to my prayer corner, lit some candles and started with Christian meditation because it was important for me to begin there to release what I was feeling and get to a place of peace with hearing the word of God being played and so then I turned to prayer and spending time with God and talking with God about it all, because it is a must for me to turn to Him in all things. For He is my rock and I know He knows all things and is aware of what’s going on, I totally depend on God in moments like these.

Women praying in the Western Wall tunnels. Thi...

Women praying in the Western Wall tunnels. This is a spot in the tunnel where Jewish women can be physically the closest to the holy of holies, so they face it in that direction and pray at the wall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So after spending some time in prayer, I went on and began to release even more of what I was feeling inside, that strain and fullness in my stomach and chest area had to be totally released and freed up.  I had to let go all the worry and burdensomeness about the situation, all that was on my mind and the anxiousness that had come like a wave to over take me.

So within minutes I felt the heavy burden, fear and anxiousness lift and be gone totally. I finally felt peaceful about everything once again, because I put it all in God’s hands. Doing all of that allowed me to do the next thing which is to send loving vibrations, loving thoughts and positive vibrations to the situation for sure, that would help.

For I know that life is so uncertain and you never know what will happen from one moment to the next. That’s why I know it’s so important to get quiet in my mind and spirit. Because I know the secret, that everything happens and comes from the spirit realm anyway. Everything that happens also comes from our thought life. It all has to do with the energy we are radiating to one another, back and forth and betwixt.

So I know that in order to possibly turn things around and the only way to make things better, I have to turn to my sources which are to pray, release and meditate. Otherwise life would over take me like a sudden storm can destroy anything in its path.

I know for a fact that it would be hard and almost impossible for me to cope with all that life tends to dump unless I deal with it in the best possible way to get the best result. I know that I can always pray about a situation, not only for myself but for other people who need divine help and intervention.

I am so happily learning that staying positive, happy and peaceful is a must in order to continue to deal with and live life with any measure of success. I know I do what I am doing no matter what, no matter how things turn out or appear to be, for the moment.

I know I can continue to pray, release and meditate until what I want and need falls directly into my lap. I also know that the things I don’t seem to get happens for a reason and perhaps it’s something that God does not want me to have. We don’t see things from God’s point of view because he is all knowing and knows exactly what is best for us.

I know if I want things to turn around fast and for better, I have to send loving vibrations, loving thoughts and positive vibrations to it, the situation, the person or thing as often, soon and as much as possible. I thank God for helping me realize all of this and for helping my life.


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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