Let A Hater Hate!


Hi Hater

Hi Hater (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You see me, Hi Hater, You see me, Hi Hater,

You See me, Bye Hater, Bye Hater, Bye Hater,

You See me, You See Me, You See Me

Bye Hater,


Yeah let ’em see me

Hi hater pull of easy

(bye hater)

You don’t like me?

(why hater?)

Won’t you tell ’em how mad I make ya?


You know you like that you wanna be me

Why you twistin’ up your face when you see me?


Where the haters at? all the hattin’ cats

Yeah look in the mirror n….a hate on that

Can’t f…. wit me or keep up wit me

So you run and tell a b…. not to f….. wit me


When they hate on you

Then you know you doin’ somethin’


they hated on Jesus, so you know they gonna hate on you.

This is just certain parts to a song by Maino, a big hit and still a favorite among many. For those of you who don’t know about the word “Hater” it is used mainly by members of the rap and hip hop communities.

A “hater” is defined by many as someone who is jealous, who wants to try to ruin your life, trying to bring you down or hold you back, who doesn’t like you for the person you are or the things you decide to do, a envious person, a person who don’t like you for no good reason, is considered a immature person, a unkind being, who will always find negative or bad in everything and everybody, they are full of hate, they are jealous and want to piss people off, they are wanna bees, they don’t have the ability to give praise. That’s the characteristics of a HATER.

I remember when that song was being played on the radio and in the streets of New York City (probably even in most cities). The beat and melody makes you want to just dance.  And I can see why. This is a song of expression of a people shouting out and sending a message to their so called “enemies“, and “jealous people“, basically telling them to “kiss their you know what”.  Saying out loud that I have what you want and need and don’t have. The quote “You know you wanna be me.” Is common. Around the time the song first hit the scene people was seen wearing in big letters on their tee shirts the message “Hi Hater” on front and “Bye Hater” on the back of the tee shirt. So you can see with this song it’s a lot of effort to send a message to the enemy.

So I wrote all of that to say this that this is what your mind does to you. It’s your personal Hater. Almost your own inner enemy. The Mind is always telling you to beat your self up. For example:

Your cat could have just died, so your mind is telling you, self beat myself up. Or your aunt Bertha could have just died, so the mind is constantly telling you, self just beat yourself up. Your car could have just been damaged in a fender bender, so there goes your mind again telling you that you should beat your self up some more, or if your bank account is at negative balance, so there goes your mind again saying lets beat self up. The person you thought was on your side is no longer on your side, beat yourself up. If your kids are acting out, then I am just going to beat myself up. And if your spouse doesn’t understand you at the moment, just go ahead and beat yourself up. Hi Hater!!!!!!!!!!

Do you understand what is happening here? Can you take a moment and see what you the being are doing? Now tell me how can beating yourself up make anything better or even change things. Will your Aunt Bertha come back to life, or can you get any of these things back, can you get your cat back, or can you fill your bank account at that moment. Nada! None of the above. So by beating your self up is only making things worse for you.

You could choose to be smarter and much wiser:

If you could say to yourself, well my aunt just died; can I allow myself to be positive in spite of what happened? And no you are not being cold hearted or insensitive about it. The fact is that there is absolutely nothing you or anyone can do about your aunt dying anyway. So why sit around and just nurse sadness or gloominess or even worse just feel plain old bad? What good is it? Now ask yourself an honest question. Would your aunt want you to do this, to sit around feeling bad, crying and getting all worked up and plain old depressed and what not? Oh please. Do you just want to feel bad? Are you into saying woe is me? As humans we are just like an elephant, we record these old programs in our minds and they are nothing more then mental viruses and so they automatically play back in our minds.

But thank goodness there is a better way, a much much better way of living. I can choose to say to myself well my aunt just died, so can I allow myself to be and think more positively in spite of what has just happened? My car was damaged. So can I allow myself to be and think more positively in spite of what happened? Now this is a better choice, a much better way of coping with things wouldn’t you say?

I have been taught that the mind is never satisfied. And that you want to be and reach for positivism in spite of what your mind is telling you, or I say whispering in your head.

To be positive all the time in spite of whatever is happening. Now that’s how you will become happy.

Maintaining the state of being positive no matter what is the best choice for a better life, because the truth is that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. You have a choice, if you want more of the same old negativity in your life then go ahead and just remain the same, go in the same old circles. Do the same old things. Or why don’t you be daring and stay positive no matter what goes wrong in your life, your life will begin to turn things around for you. I am a living witness to that and among so many others who believe this fact. And you know what you don’t have to believe what I say, just try it out for yourself. And don’t lie. Stay positive no matter what, and you will start to see things turn around for you. Your life will change for the better in various aspects. So as the lyrics say. Tell your mind whenever it becomes negative. SO LET A HATER HATE, YOU SEE ME, BYE HATER.  I give myself approval for this message. Om Shante Om. LOL.

Maino at Howard University Yardfest.

Maino at Howard University Yardfest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Manio’s Hater:


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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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5 Responses to Let A Hater Hate!

  1. reiddiane says:

    I needed this post, thanks! I work with young kids at a Boys and Girls Club and they use this term alot. I didn’t know where it came from. Now I do. I don’t feel so culturally irrelevant anymore. I agree with your take on positive thinking. I make an effort to watch what I think and what I say and I am attempting to teach it to the kids at club. Thank again.

    • It’s my pleasure!. I am glad this post was of some help to you and your kids. I am so excited that you are watching out for your thinking and what words come out of your mouth. It’s so great.

  2. The Painter says:

    Reblogged this on The Painter Diaries and commented:
    Sometimes all you need to do is remember……

  3. This is so true! We do let our mind call ourselves hater. It’s a choice and you so very graciously choose love not hate. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and positive attitude! ♥

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