Our Home Food Storage Is Coming Along

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe (Photo credit: epSos.de)

As I shared in a previous post Are You Prepping/Preparing? It wouldn’t hurt if you did; we have started getting some food storage started. Well last month we purchased a tall storage cabinet to store and organize all of our canned goods and canned meats. My husband took his time and assembled the cabinet and so we turned one of the spare bedrooms into a storage pantry area, so we put the new cabinet in this room.

Although we still have a long way to go as far as preparing, we are making good progress. We took all the canned goods and put them in this cabinet and every can just fit and there is no more room. So we lined up the boxes of ramen noodles beside it along with the seventh day Adventist starter kit box that contains #10 cans of beans, white rice, red wheat, white wheat, and oatmeal. (By the way I also found out that the Seventh Day Adventist give lots of advice about food storage and information on maintaining a pantry. And I found out the government gives ideas and suggestions for food storage for say a few weeks food supply.)

So we feel such a sense of accomplishment after getting things more organized because these cans and foods were all in different places throughout the house. So now it’s much easier to keep a better check on what we have versus what we still need get in the future. So we feel more of a motivation not to eat the foods stored in this bedroom. So we buy the food we eat on a daily basis and keep it in the kitchen cabinets and the stored food is kept separate (and is being saved) so we feel we are getting somewhere because as we stock pile it just grows. I know I am so far away from my goals to have a full pantry. But each time I pick up more things I feel I am getting closer to my goals.

This weekend we purchased extra cornbread and tuna fish in oil. Next week we plan to get a couple of bottles of cooking oils, a few more bags of rice, a few more bags of beans, cornmeal and toilet paper. The plan for the following week after that is to get more white flour, pasta and a few gallons of bottled water.

You’d be surprised about all you can get for just $20 or $25 dollars per week. We used to eat out each week with that money but decided to just cook a home meal and use the money we purchase eat out food with to help our food storage grow. Its small progress but I think some progress is better then not doing anything at all.

Soon we have to work on buying more dish liquid, fabric softener, toothpaste, household cleaning products, vinegar and laundry detergents.

So if there is anyone preparing or interested in building food storage and a pantry like us please feel free to share some of your ideas, thoughts, plans and ways you choose to make it a reality.

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