Maggie’s Going Away

Puppy in the grass

Puppy in the grass (Photo credit: justmakeit)

A while back our neighbor’s dog had some cute and adorable little puppies. We picked one for ourselves, and named him Jay, but there was one puppy out of the bunch that was being picked on, all the other puppies were beating her up all the time.  We had to keep breaking up the fights and separating them from her. We were amazed at this because they were all so young and adorable yet learned to be mean and fight so quickly.  Well because we felt sorry for this cute girl puppy, we decided to take her home with us temporarily instead of Jay in order to let her heal from the beatings she received from all the other puppies.

We named her Maggie and so she stayed in our back yard as we healed her little wounds and tried to nurture her because it was apparent that she was not developing as well or as fast as all the other puppies, she could hardly walk and our neighbor believed she was blind, but she wasn’t too sure as of yet.  So we fed Maggie and my husband put a leash on her as he trained her to walk. And little by little Maggie was doing so much better, but there was no improvement in her eyesight because she still could not find her bowl with the food in it with out assistance.  At each meal time we had to place her nose directly in her bowl so she would find the food and eat it. We knew something was not totally right about her but we still wanted to give her a chance. And so we’d pet her often, hugged her, carried her around, sung songs to her, fed her, loved her, walked her and little by little she was growing by leaps and bounds.  She gained a lot of her weight as she was under weight when we first took her home, and she started walking better on her own. Then finally one day she started barking and basically caught up with the other puppies as far as her development was concerned. Maggie was becoming the happiest cutest puppy we ever saw. She is just so adorable with those cute little wiggling ears and her quirky personality. She is always jumping around and is so playful. I told my husband it seems like Maggie has some sort of an imaginary friend she was playing with, because I never saw a puppy so happy with playing with just herself. We fell in love with Maggie and became so attached to her but we knew the time was coming when we had to return her to the bunch.

Since we returned Maggie to the bunch, we’d visit her often to check on her, but we noticed Maggie was showing signs of nervousness and soon refused to walk and she started grinding her teeth a lot. She had become so strong because she was pulling the weight attached to her chain and leash that was meant to keep her put. There are days when we’d look out the window and saw that Maggie had dragged the weight out onto the road far from her little house. So my husband has had to go and bring her back near her house. She always wants to go further then her chain allows her to be. At first we started thinking that maybe we should bring her back to our backyard because Maggie had developed habits that concerned us. Most of the time she still jumps around happily because it’s just her personality, but she gets really over excited and my husband has to pet her to calm her down. We are noticing a bit of sadness about her too, I think she acts a little depressed if you can say this about a puppy.

But now our neighbor seems to think that Maggie needs to be put to sleep because she believes Maggie’s blindness and behavior is dangerous to the point that she may bite someone. So I asked my neighbor to please don’t put her to sleep, but to see if she can find her a home where someone would be willing to accept her that way.  So we are not sure what our neighbor will decide to do with her but all I know is I am so sad for Maggie now and I know I will miss her. I hope she will find Maggie a new home. I was kind of hoping my husband would be willing to take her back, but I do not want to put any pressure on my husband to please me, since he would be the one having to take care of her the majority of the time. My husband already has too much to do now with helping me and doing some of the household chores that I can no longer do, also he wants to go back to work next month so I just don’t want to put anymore pressure on him. And we were not going to bring Jay with us until he gets much older. Well we will see what happens. I promise to pray and release each day about this, seeking that everything works out for the best all around.

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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9 Responses to Maggie’s Going Away

  1. gita4elamats says:

    Oh, so sad, I hope Maggie finds/found a new home.

  2. U know, my mom does the same things. She has an eye for weak puppies. The latest one we care for could not eat at all when it was found. My inspection said that the puppy was weak coz it was chronic cold patient, coz its eyes watered all the time. My mom took lead she force fed the puppy a little bit of an old cough syrup daily. It was too weak to resist, but within a week there was a dramatic change. It started eating and its watering eyes and runny nose were gone!! Due to its initial illness, its has not grown much with age. But it is as fit as its pals !!! 🙂

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