Growing Old Gracefully: Looking Lovely and Having A Very Femmy Feminine and Beautiful Appearance as a Older Women

Growing old gracefully, that’s what I want to do. I look at some women I know and look online at beautiful older women and take notes for they are a great inspiration for me. But, when I look at some other older women, I know immediately that they gave up on beauty a very long time ago. (LOL!) and it’s a shame. I sometimes wonder what could be going on in their minds and think to myself well it can’t be all that bad now.  

So when I see them sometimes wearing wrinkled baggy pants, old dirty men’s combat boots, or old and ugly turned over shoes, soiled in the front baggy tee shirts and wearing a Mr. T hair style or really funky looking short hairdo, I say to myself what ever happened to luscious long femmy flowing hair?

In my opinion some of them look really bad; I will go as far as to say they look like old battle axes or old hags.  I know everybody wants to be comfortable, but really! Some look like an old eyesore, like they slept in their clothes all night and jumped straight out of bed and went out into the public looking like “hope God may kill.” So I ask this question: Do they have to look so pitiful? because they are about to give being an older woman such a bad name.

It is my goal that as I grow older to be a wonderful example to the younger generation of women by being sure that I properly maintain my femmy feminine and lovely appearance at all times. I want woman of the younger generation to look at me and be inspired. Really I do.

I want them to see life as positively as possible, knowing that when they see me they are inspired without me having to even say one single word. Not one word. I want to let the light of my life and the care I give myself to show in a lovely appearance and that alone should speak volumes.

I want them to be inspired and to feel that because they are getting older too it does not mean life is over or even has to be boring.  Because there is so much more living to be done indeed.

I know as a woman we fear getting older and we really do not look forward to it period, and I never could have enough reasons why, but I believe it would be easier to accept if we saw older women looking lovely, femmy, well cared for, soft and beautiful.

I know I cannot change the world but I can be an inspiration in my small circle and world enough to inspire any younger women to say to themselves “when I get older surely I want to look just like that.”

I believe that when you pay proper attention to your clothing, hair, hands, nails, teeth, feet and skin all through out your life, why it could make a difference to the person who is around you every day. 

I feel that taking care of our physical bodies is a “must” and we should not neglect ourselves in the slightest. So it’s vital that we have proper exercise, eat the right kinds of foods and get proper sleep so we can make a huge difference in how we age.

So by consistently taking care to not look slovenly, slouchy and unflattering is a plus and something that could be habit forming over time, because I have been training myself my entire life to get up early every day and start with drinking a full glass or two of water, to do some yoga or some form of exercise and to take a fresh smelling shower using plenty of a quality non drying sweet, delicious, yummy smelling soap or a equally yummy smelling shower gel, then use a good quality body lotion or natural fragrance oils like almond oil or jojoba mixed with an essential oil, applying a natural fresh deodorant, flossing and brushing my teeth, using a natural mouth wash and mints, putting on clean fresh smelling clothes, slightly perfumed or just freshly showered smell and dressing in bright pretty feminine colors, having your own unique feminine style.

Wearing pretty comfortable attractive shoes, which can be comfortable without looking like I am getting ready to run track and that is healthy for my feet and overall posture. Also to make sure my hair is clean, well kept, pretty and smelling fresh and clean at all times, by using a quality shampoo and conditioner or castile soap and healthy rinse, to pamper the hair with natural potions and to regularly take care to have a pretty feminine hair style preferably with a curl or two.

And if sitting in the hair salon is too much for you and you’d like to give your hair a rest, there are all kinds of beautiful amazing wigs to be worn, but even if you wear a wig don’t neglect your own hair underneath. I believe we should have lots of classy accessories for the hair too, like pretty combs, brushes, flowers, pins ect.

Being a woman is such an amazing thing!

It is so vitally important that I feel optimistic and have a positive outlook on life so that I am not wearing a frown which makes wrinkles (LOL!). It’s so important that I appear as fresh and youthful as I can. My goal is to always achieve a soft, fem fem, feminine, youthful and classy appearance. But to be careful to not look like I am trying too hard either.  

Have you ever seen an aged woman trying way too hard to be young, wearing some way over the top outfits that should belong to teeny boppers and way too much makeup that she resembles some sort of drag queen, well then you know what I mean.

I prefer to be the woman who knows how to hide her physical flaws that if not hidden show your true age.

I believe the best way to hide those annoying physical flaws as a older woman is to wear lots and lots of beautiful dresses or skirts and some fem fem slightly sexy but classy nice tops.

You will be amazed at how much dresses and skirts can hide, they hide a lot more then a pair of pants can ever do, although I like to wear a nice pair of skinny jeans every once in a while to shake things up a bit, (LOL!) but I make sure the fabric is very soft and smooth and not a heavy or hard jean fabric as that is too rough on my skin.

Wedding dresses and other Asian couture in London

Wedding dresses and other Asian couture in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dresses can do wonders to make you appear slim and elegant. For instance I like to wear dresses similar to a beautiful flowing saree, these dresses are elegant and beautiful. The ranges of fabric is out of this world.

You can choose a cotton or silk with intricate embroidery, lace or ribbon. As women we are blessed that we have such a vast variety of fabrics and colors to choose from, we get to immerse our selves into the fine art of being so much of a woman, its amazing.

There is one thing I am noticing is that every time I go out in public, I am complimented by people a lot all day about how nice I look and I notice that people continue to stare and smile and watch. This in my opinion is so very cool. I want to always keep up my appearances every where I go and if my presence can leave you with a smile then so be it I say (LOL!)

I don’t ever want to feel like my life is over just because I am older now and as each year passes by I want to get better.  I feel like life is too short to spend all your later years looking and feeling like crap. Don’t you agree.

I think your later years should be spent feeling beautiful and dressing beautifully.  I say why not! And I love taking lots and lots of photos to give to friends and my family and grandkids. Who knows, some generation might be inspired by seeing my photos. (LOL!)  I want to always feel like I have a reason to live and never ever give up and lose hope. So it is important that my appearance and my feelings match up and say yes I have a future for however long God will allow me to live.

Whatever You Want (Tina Turner song)

Whatever You Want (Tina Turner song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also when I go to sleep at night I make sure that I wear a fresh clean night gown, according to the seasons, so it could be a cool silk nightee in the hot summer or pretty soft snuggly pajamas in the winter, or a beautiful intricate cotton soft warm long length gown or a short cute teddy. I always like to have pretty clean shoe slippers to keep my feet warm and comfortable or some clean white or colorful snuggly socks, but I have enough to match whatever gown I’m wearing.

I like to comb my hair into twists and tie it up with a pretty silk scarf, ribbon, scrungie or hair pins. Even sitting around the house I like to have pretty, fresh and clean leisure wear and believe me there is so much out there to choose from.

You can wear a pretty solid or multi color chaftan in the fall or a velvet jump suit or a cute sweat suit in the winter, or a cool cotton sun dress in the summer but don’t forget to match your foot wear and hair covering with what you wear, it makes you look very well put together.

aishwarya bachchan

aishwarya bachchan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember as a child and young girl at home my mother always had lovely leisure wear. She looked so fabulous just sitting around the house and it appeared effortless for her.

She also had such beautiful aprons when she did house work and cooked. She also had such pretty house shoes that she kept really spotless. If you could look inside my mothers closet you would be amazed at how orderly she was. She had pretty hangers to match her suits and dresses and pretty shelves to display her shoes which she washed off the tops and bottoms of her shoes before putting them in her closet. She was so amazing and inspiring and taught you how to take good care of your self. She always used to say if you don’t love and take care of yourself no one else will.

She was just such an inspiration to me as I was growing into womanhood. I used to fantasize too that I would have a husband who always wore a smokers jacket, because I felt like if I had to look fabulous all the time then why he should too. (LOL!)


NVC-409F (Photo credit: cmcentral)

Lately, what really frightens and saddens me is when I see young women dressing very poorly as if they don’t care about themselves and gave up on life so early. Oh what is that all about? They are so young and have a whole life ahead of themselves. I feel like the way you dress now as a young person will become the way you will end up looking as an elderly person.

Dressing appropriately is so very important and will help you if you want any form of success in life. I believe if you start early learning about dressing and looking decent it will run on automatic as you age and once you’re elderly.

When I think about my mom I have memories of her always taking care before leaving home to be attractively and appropriately dressed well up into her eighties (80’s). Even in the home she was so very nicely dressed and I never saw her in a pair of pants in the house or in the public in my entire life.

She always was smelling fresh and clean in the morning and through out the day, and that’s because she took care and pride in her outer appearance. She was a very soft spoken and kind woman and she always made me feel proud as a child to say to others that she was my mom. I am still inspired to this very day.  I always said to myself that I want to dress just like that when I become older.

I know it’s critical to have inner beauty, peace and love, but I believe it is vitally important that our outer appearance is not neglected; we need to practice pulling ourselves together in this area.

Being beautiful on the inside and beautiful on the outside, well that’s just plain inspirational. Growing old gracefully is the bomb.

Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine (Photo credit: kmgsquidoo)



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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