God Is My Daily Vitamin


Vitamins! (Photo credit: bradley j)

I am learning that a lot of our time as human beings is being wasted by thinking un needed thoughts. Like a lot of negative thinking. Because a lot of our thinking is being used in a way that it is a time waster. That these types of thoughts can be very quick and very toxic to our health and well being. It’s the main cause of us feeling heavy, weighted down, tired, exhausted, sick and tired, crabby and mean a lot of the time.

Have you ever asked yourself well I really did not do too much of anything today and so why in world am I so tired. Well this tiredness can be attributed to stinky thoughts. So being the humans we are we reach for anything to help lift us up out of feeling tired and melancholy, such as entertainment, drinking, smoking, you know things that will distract our minds and take us away from the reality of what the real issue is.  I remember as a child never feeling tired or exhausted on doing nothing, always energetic and happy.  If we look at children they can fight each other and then go immediately back to being friends, forgiving each other and start playing again. Well what happened to us as we became adults, I think we just forgot how to let go. We lost that capability of forgiving and letting go.  I am learning it’s the baggage that we are carrying, it’s oh so heavy. We just keep it and hold it close and drag it thru life.

But thank goodness that there is another way. I am learning that it’s possible that our thoughts can be more positive. More powerful, more beautiful and more effective. I found out that by releasing the negativity I can change my life drastically. I go away to a quiet place so I can get myself free and filled with the goodness of God, and by spending a few moments in the morning spending time with God in Christian meditation and thru the reading of scripture I am imparting knowledge about God to myself and then taking the time to let go via releasing everything that I feel is bothering me. I suffer with a lot of pain all the time due to my physical illnesses, so it is crucial that I take a God powered vitamin every single day to help me cope with all of this. God is my daily vitamin every morning and he meets my spirit/souls daily nutritional requirements.

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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