Are You Prepping/Preparing? It Wouldn’t Hurt If You Did

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe (Photo credit:

I recently became of aware of the idea of the need to prepare or what people are calling prep. I had been watching that show doomsday preppers and I really enjoyed it.  The problem is that I feel like these people are way over the top, but I cannot help to admire their skills. Could you imagine spending eight (8) hours a day or more preparing for the worst?

I remember my grandmother used to say prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Well with these people it seems like this is a full time job.  I started thinking about all the food they are saving and would lose if they had to leave their homes filled with all that food with their twenty four (24) hour bug out bag they talk about, leaving all that hard expensive work for some else to discover and have a feast enjoying.

Anyway I want to be positive and well so I decided and kind of late too in the game, that I will at least have some kind of food storage just in case.  They say everyone should have some anyway for several reasons. Like for one having your own personal welfare available to you in case someone loses a job or there is bad weather like a winter storm or illness and your closed in or stuck in the house for a few days or more. Well I think it’s kind of smart. So I just wish I had thought about doing something like this a long time ago and then I would be way ahead of the game, but like they say better to be late then never. Also that it takes a while to store up food and other items. It’s almost like a science or art and it’s really not that easy to do when your on a tight budget. So it’s best to squeeze out the few bucks while you can and when you can. 

Any way so I started buying and storing up some personal items and food.  I now have  bags of various types of rice, pasta, noodles, bags and bags of beans, some canned goods like corn, potatoes, fruit, greens, pork and beans, chili, soups, boxes of homemade bread mix, corn bread mix, dried eggs, meat substitute, jerky, lots of toilet paper and paper towels and next on my list is to get more oils, and canned tuna, ham, turkey and chicken. Today while at Wal-Mart we picked up several jars of peanut butter, jelly and jams and plenty of garden seeds and gardening supplies and garbage bags.

I am accustomed to already keeping in stock lots of body lotions, body washes, deodorant and body soaps. I have also added to my list to keep in stock a couple of first aid kits and plenty cabinet medicines like tylenol, motrin, cough syrup and aspirin. I always did keep in stock extra bottles of dish liquid, detergent, baking soda, candles and I recently added an oil lamp, batteries, a camp fire stove with a few cans of fuel. Plenty of charcoal, matches and lighters.

I love having lots of nail polish, polish remover, lipsticks, perfumes and make up (well a girl has to live a little and I definitely want to remain gorgeous when the world turns upside down or whatever happens.) LOL! They also say people should keep the clothing you they have and so if you planned on giving away some of your clothes I’d think twice about that move, and I have decided to keep a stock of blankets, sheets and things like that, because they tell you if the electricity goes down or like they say the grid goes down during cold weather and you have no fire place, you can always wrap up in lots of blankets and a few hot water bottles at night. I would hate to think about being without heat though.

So I think I have a lot compared to before when I had absolutely none of the above ready and stored. Now we have to work on the bottled water area, because I saved some bottles and filled them with water any way, because we weren’t prepared the last time this towns water pipe broke and there was no running tap water available for two days and I was so miserable because we were not prepared. So we had to get to the store to buy some on the first day and guess what so did the rest of the people of this town so there was very little water left on the shelves. We were very lucky to have gotten at least a few bottles of water. I vowed to never be without water again if this pipe broke again. According to my neighbor it happens often around here. She is constantly reminding me that we are no longer in the city. Living in the country is a whole different ball game. So our aim is to continue getting prepared and to stock the shelves and our designated area for storage of everything a person would need in case it becomes unavailable. I think its just plan wise anyway because it looks like the prices of everything is just going up and up. So why not buy while the price is still affordable somewhat.  I also believe it wouldn’t hurt either to have some things on hand.

So with twenty dollars anyone can start a food storage system. Twenty dollars can buy a lot each week.  Like a bag of rice, beans and some can goods and pasta to put away. Well I don’t tell too many people that we are doing this but I do encourage others to buy extra things so they don’t always have to run to the store all the time anyway. It’s really cool because just for the past two months I really haven’t had to go shopping for food except for milk, eggs and bread. Which is really cool to take a break from shopping if you want. Well happy Prepping to those who are interested.

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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