A Pumpkin Drink

Teeny Pumpkin Pie tartlets.

Teeny Pumpkin Pie tartlets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A delicious drink for pumpkin lovers

I made a no coffee pumpkin latte today and it was delicious.  I use one half gallon of milk and one large can of pumpkin puree, a half cup of sugar, a tablespoon of brown sugar and vanilla extract, one teaspoon of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice . I combine all the ingredients in a medium sized crock pot on low.  You may add a little more milk too if you want it less thick. I let it get piping hot and serve with whip cream on top of each serving or for a cool summer drink, I have also tried it cold, by putting it in a pitcher in the refrigerator and serve it on ice and it’s delicious. It’s a delicious replacement for ice-cream or pudding. Sometimes I’ve even replaced the pumpkin with sweet potatoes too. But the with the sweet potates you may want to remove a lot of the strings or otherwise stick with the pumpkin.

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