Indian Style Foods Are So Delicious

Goat Curry, rice and naan

Goat Curry, rice and naan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever since I could remember I loved cooking.  I like to take my time and look over recipes to get ideas about the types of meals I could cook. I have been fascinated by Indian style cooking. I brought this Indian Crock pot recipe book.  And OMG! Such delicious meals and you could throw everything in a crock pot all at once. How simple is that.  I tried out this fiery spicy eggplant recipe first thing.  And my first try was a bit too spicy. My husband is used to American dishes and could not take the spices, he said they were too strong and not the kind of spices he is used to. So my second try I used half the amount of spices the recipe called for.  And it came out delicious. It had a bit of potatoes in there with the eggplant and canola oil and the Indian spices.  I put some real ginger in there and a little turmeric and hot peppers and many more spices.

One thing I will always miss about living in New York, you can find almost any thing you want in New York.  There is an abundance of different cultures in the city and all you have to do is travel to that part of town and instantly you can find what you need.  I miss going to little Italy for Italian food, and near Jackson Heights to find Spanish/Mexican and Indian foods. You can find Chinese foods almost anywhere in New York.  I know that is what I am going to miss the most. The various kinds of good delicious foods.  But as I was saying I love Indian food and the next thing I want to make is Biryani. I always practice making Roti. But I want to try different brands of the flour needed to make it because I am sure each brand has a slightly different taste. I still have a lot of the Indian spices I brought from New York. But I am running low so I guess I will have to try to get one of my friends or a family member to get more for me.

Indian spices

Indian spices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But for now we eat a lot of beans and rice because it is so easy to make.  The beans can cook in a few hours in a crock pot and the rice in 5 minutes.  We eat a lot of basmati and Jasmine rice most of the time because they do not raise the blood sugar level like white rice does.  I just love eating the basmati rice and it cooks really very quickly.  I also add a few of our fresh vegetables and there goes a delicious meal.

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