Having A Good Friend Is Like Growing A Beautiful Garden


Garden/Allotment (Photo credit: tricky (rick harrison))

My garden is growing pretty well. It’s the first time for me.  Since we moved here in the country I am learning different things. We decided to start with a very small one. My very nice neighbor and my husband broke up the ground along the back wall of the house. I had already brought the seeds and plants. So I planted peppers, green spinach, and tomato plants. My neighbor also planted some beautiful flowers around the trees at our house. I thought to myself wow she really is so kind. God has surely blessed me with such a wonderful friend. She is the kind of friend you only dream about. She supports me one hundred percent. If I ever need something or some sort of help she is always ready and willing to help me. She really does care for me and my husband and for the first time in my life I feel like a friend actually has my back. Unlike the friends, I have had in the past of my adult life. She actually is not wishy-washy nor mean-spirited nor catty nor jealous or fake. She is just such a pleasure to be around really she is, and the nice thing is she enjoys being around me just as much and accepts me for who I am.

My friend

My friend (Photo credit: Scarleth White)

So we chat and laugh together. Sometimes we just sit on the porch or the front yard and talk for hours and wonder where the time went. Whenever my husband has to go be away she will come and keep me company and sometimes she spends a night and we stay up in our nighties making and eating popcorn, laughing, and having fun.

We have been living here for a year this month but I actually met her a year before we moved here and she used to call and chat with me while we were living in New York. So I have really known her fairly well and I really like her a lot. She’s kind-hearted, compassionate, and considerate. We regularly talk on the phone, and when my husband and I go away from home she watches the house for us.

Now as I said she comes by every day and sometimes several times a day. Sometimes I don’t want her to come over and I overreact to that sometimes. Because I do need my space. I am not used to dealing with friends on a daily basis so I guess you could say she is quite needy somewhat. But it’s ok. It’s really funny watching her as she just walks in the front door goes into my kitchen and helps herself to a few slices of bread every day and goes into our refrigerator always getting something to snack on or drink.  Then she goes back out the door and across the field not even saying a word.  I just laugh at her when she does that. I feel like she is my family. But I think God has given me someone nice and a true blue friend. Very much unlike my friends of the past. She literally will give you the shirt off her back.  I remember when we moved here, one day I asked to borrow a cup of sugar and she said with her southern accent “well you can have anything I got sweety”. And she is just like that. She is so giving. She is the kind of friend I always wanted to have.

You know it used to hurt my heart when I thought about my friendships of the past. I remember I used to cry and ask God why I can’t have a friend who treats me the way I want to be treated. I think I am a good friend to others so why is my giving not being reciprocated.  I used to ask God why my gentleness is being taken for weakness. Why does my kindness get to be taken for granted?  That’s why it’s so nice; really it is to finally be blessed in this way.

I sat down to write about my garden and wind up writing about my good neighbor and friend. I guess you can say friends are like gardens. If you plant seeds of goodness, kindness, gentleness, and water with love, compassion, and patience then it’s possible a beautiful friendship can grow and develop with time. I am just so happy with my new friend.

A friend loveth at all times…………………  Proverbs 17:17 KJV


FRIENDS (Photo credit: [Share the Word])

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6 Responses to Having A Good Friend Is Like Growing A Beautiful Garden

  1. Sakshi says:

    Oh my gosh,thank you!You are very sweet.😄

  2. Sakshi says:

    True.It is actually very hard to find good friends these days.😒

    • But I guess good friends and people are all around us it’s just a matter of when the universe is going to allow the two good people to meet up I always say. LOL! I know that I am good people and I have had some really good friends and some really poor ones. So I guess it sort of evens out eventually.

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