What I Learned For A Better Me


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If I call myself a happy soul and believe I am happy and my focus that day is to be happy, then I will be a happy soul.  I have a better chance at being happy.  If I let go of all my bad and sad feelings I am guaranteed to be a happy.

I learned that you cannot stand up and sit down at the same time. It’s either I hold on to bad or negative feelings or I let them go. No matter what is going on in my life.  Because I learned that negativity brings more negativity.  But being more positive, thinking more good and positive thoughts brings more of the same.  What I think about another person is also very important.  I found that if I hold onto grudges and dislike another human being.  Guess what.  I become miserable. It’s a fact that God loves every one of us.  No matter how ugly we may appear to each other.  Every soul is important to God.  He gave us life and he created us.  We were not around when the creating was done.  And speaking of create God gives us power to create.  I found that I can create good thoughts or bad thoughts.  I can think the best of myself and of others. But how can it be done.  Only thru releasing and letting go of disapproval of self and others.  When I disapprove of others I am bringing trouble to my own life.  I found that we might as well as go up to each other and punch each other in the face. Because believe it or not we are picking up each others negative vibes.

So as I was saying happiness is right.  Its good, its better thinking and it’s pure. Its positive energy going out and bringing all the best life has to offer back to my doorstep.  It’s the way life should be. Being happy the majority of the time is my focus and my goal everyday.  I don’t have live in hurt.  No one can hurt me.  No one is responsible for hurting me.  I hurt myself by allowing those negative thoughts that I create to overtake me.  I can make the shift. I can change my way of thinking. I can think of something that makes me feel good.  I can do an activity that makes me happy.  Think the wrong thought and do the opposite. I can go from harshness to softness. Do what makes me happy.  I enjoy doing crafts and watching non violent TV shows or movies, I like watching loving romantic bollywood, I enjoy reading loving romance novels and so on and on. Anything and everything that has to do with love you got my attention.

Being sad, miserable, crazy, lazy, angry, lost, disappointed, hurt and in pride ectera are out of control feelings and I and anyone can let them all go.  Some people love to wallow in self pity and hurt and misery or may even be right for feeling those feelings.  But being in those states are not good for your well being.  It will make you physically sick and eventually you will be no fun to be around. I am a witness to this. I say turn on the violins, get out the tissues and spend a whole ten (10) minutes crying and wallowing in self pity or what ever the hurt is.  Spend a half hour or even a whole hour if needed.  But once the time is up.  Let it all go.  It is now time to create a new way of thinking and being.  It’s really all up to me.  It’s my call.  I have the power.  It’s right there inside of me.  I can release them all and let go all those negative feelings and hurt.  I gain nothing by holding on to them. I can feel them and let them go.  They don’t have to hang around for too long. So its to my advantage to stop giving my power away. I used to feel that if my relationship is beautiful then I will be happy.  Well I was in for rude awakening.  Waiting around for my relationships to become beautiful is a big waste of time. First in foremost in all my endeavors I need to be happy and stable at all times.  Not saying I will be happy at all times but I need to check myself and speak to my heart and mind to see where I am at any given moment. I can always be in the state of release, even while I am talking to someone who is being so harsh and negative.  I can let go the feelings as they are coming into my space.  Why should anyone have to put up with another persons discontent or misery or moodiness.  No one should have to be around these bad negative states in people.  So I find that by being more positive those kinds of behaviors in people cannot stay around me for long.  I found that I can change this.  I am the master of my thinking. I can control any situation that arises. By being in control within my self first.  This has been a great source of my obtaining happiness and keeping it thru out my day.

If my relationship is beautiful,    then I will be happy.


If I am happy,      my relationship is beautiful.

If we get along with each other,   then I will be happy.


If I am happy,      we will get along with each other.

I will be happy    when I get a new car.


I am happily    using my new car.

I will be happy    when I get to the party.


I can share my happiness    at the party.

I will be happy    once I get to see a good movie


I am happy    enjoying a movie.

I will be happy    when I get with my good friends.


I will share my happiness    with my friends.

See the differences. So today I choose to bring my self/soul to a higher place. So why not experiment with it. As if I am creating a science project for my teacher. From the point I wake up in the morning I say that I choose happiness, peace, joy and love for today.  It’s possible to fail some of the time, but I keep on plugging away.  So It’s important for me to wake up with the intention that for today I will not let anything destroy my inner happiness and peace. And do the work needed to create my inner peace, like first thing reading the word of God, have a prayer time, some first thing inspiration, I am well on my way.  But its important to release these negative feelings, give them up. I say give them to the universe, give them to God. Just get rid of them. Once that’s done on a regular basis I found myself being happy one day of the week, then for a hour here and there, then for a whole week and so on.

So I try to meditate on something wonderful and churn it, ponder it, think on it. And to remember the word for today is Happy Soul. Happy, Happy, Happy Me. Well this is some of the things I have learned for a better me.

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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4 Responses to What I Learned For A Better Me

  1. Ahmed says:

    this is really interesting, I totally agree. 🙂

  2. Alison says:

    Thank you for the pingback! Great post!

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