Snow Storm Miracle: My Fear Of Flying

English: JFK International Airport Español: Vi...

English: JFK International Airport Español: Vista del Aeropuerto Internacional John F. Kennedy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So we made it back to NYC, oh my! snow is really something wonderful but can make plenty of problems when it comes to travel.  We had to change the time of our flight and take an earlier morning flight or else be stuck in New Orleans from Sunday till Wednesday or God knows how long.  Anyway it was the last flight out of New Orleans on that day and we were fortunate enough to be on it, but at first the flight was delayed and then they announced plans to cancel our flight again. The crew made us all passengers get off the plane to check its engine.  Anyway we finally flew out by afternoon.  I am so glad that I had dealt with my fear of flying by releasing. It was a true miracle because I was not as afraid, tensed up nor crazy as I would have been.  To my amazement I was calm.  Especially when it was time to land in New York while smack dab in the middle of this blizzard and there was no visability and I mean none.  The plane hovered over New Jersey for an hour in the middle of all that turbulence before getting clearance to get into JFK.  Then finally win JFK the plane went in circles for another hour.  Then we landed and had to wait for another hour before de- boarding.  With all that I should have been a nervous wreck, because it was one thing after another, but once we got to New York and thank God we made it back home, we wind up being stuck at JFK airport and had to spend a night there.

The next morning there were still no cabs available, we tried calling so many cab companies and they were telling us that they weren’t open and no cabs were available.  Even the air train was not operating and so there was no way to get out of the airport even the following day.  So many people were stuck there crying, hungry and just lying all about in the airport and the food was all sold out, but we managed to get help from an employee there who advised my husband to get a pass at the security gate so he could go back pass the security entrance to get us some food and so he did, he was able to get us both a slice of pizza and plenty of coffee, enough for the rest of the stay.  It seemed like God planted little angels to help us along the way.

So In the morning my husband and I decided that he would go outside and flag down a cab because some were there dropping people off, so I waited as he did this with our bags inside the airport doorway.  I began releasing about us getting a cab and getting home.  I kept saying “I allow us to get a taxi home with ease by releasing only”.  I also prayed and ask God to help us because I was in so much discomfort and pain.  So my husband was out there braving the freezing cold and pounding winds for five (5) hours, climbing and treading through mountains of snow at the curbside each time a cab would pass by and it was sparse when a cab would pass by.  So after going through so many reluctant cab drivers who refused us finally about five (5) hours later he was able to get us a willing cab driver.  So we made it home.  Being home never felt so great.  It was a true miracle! In fact we could have been still stuck at the airport like so many others were. So while riding in the cab on our way home we saw all kinds of vehicles and emergency vehicles, people that were stuck in the snow and people walking thru the snow.   I believe God sent us many angels to help us along the way.  The cab driver was so kind and it’s a miracle because we did not get stuck once nor did the cab slide or stall.  We made it home smoothly.  But the cab could not drive down our block because the streets had not been cleared off yet by the city so he had to let us out on the corner. And so my husband wow he was so great, he let his true loving character shine through the entire time.  He was so unbelievably strong he made two trips to the corner and back to where I waited.  Just like “Hercules” he picked up all our heavy luggage bags and carried it to our doorstep having to walk through mountains of knee deep and waist deep snow. I teased him saying Hercules! Hercules! We both were laughing and trying to make the best of the situation. When we reached the house we saw that the front door to our house was snowed in.  So we had to walk thru snow up to our waist and I struggled and tried hard but he also had to help me walk it because I must have fell a couple of times trying to walk it on my own, but thank God each time I fell it was a fall into a blanket of beautiful white soft snow.  But my husband got the luggage up to the front door and cleared the doorway just enough so that we could get the door open and get inside.  He had no shovel but used his feet and hands as he scooped up the snow so he could get the door partially open.  He kept ringing the upstairs bell and finally the neighbors came down and handed him a shovel to clear up the doorway so he could get the door fully open all the way.

Taxi Stand at JFK Airport

Taxi Stand at JFK Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So there we were at home.  I was so exhausted and so was he and our hands were so cold that I could not cook so I heat up some pork and beans out of the can, we ate and fell off to sleep, later we talked about every hurtle and about our miracle after miracles.  It’s been an exciting week if I must say so;  it will be something to talk about for quite some time.

I kept thinking about all these poor people who were stuck all over this city as I listened to the news and I heard about the people who were stuck on trains too and how the red cross was out there helping people and giving support.  I talked to my brother later and he told me how they were stuck too and that their car stopped operating so they had to walk home partially until they met some strangers who stopped their car and gave them a lift home the rest of the way.  So there were a lot of people helping each other.  Oh and there was a lady at the airport my husband did help too.  She had a crying baby, no food or diapers he told her how to get a pass to get back in the security gate where she later purchased food and things for her family who had been stuck like us. Wow what a few couple of days it had been.

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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